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When grocery shopping sometimes you get the option of choosing paper or plastic. Most choose plastic because it has holes for easy handling. Though, plastic bags are not to be thrown in recycle bins. Paper bags require energy and creates pollution. So the best answer:

Your own bag. Bring a reusable bag, or reuse old plastic, or paper bags. If the person packing your stuff looks at you funny, it's ok, they don't know that you're saving them money.

Some places will charge extra for a bag.


Recycling Links:

Internet Consumer Recycling Guide - guide providing a starting point for consumers in the USA and Canada searching the net for recycling information. Learn to get rid of unwanted junk mail!

Recycle City - This one is pretty cute. Learn how people in Recycle City make good use of there waste. Fun for all ages.

Recycle More - Has games! This site is mainly for people in the UK.

Recycler's World - Find places to recycle your junk. *Note: May not have avalible places near your home.

Environmental Resouce Links:

Global Stewards - provides resources for sustainable living and environmental activism. Has more on recycling.

Other Links:

Energy Star - Find ways to reduce those horrible electric bills.

Brooks/ Cole - Get Living in the Environment, 12th ed. by G. Tyler Miller, Jr.

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