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About 27% of the world's population, the United States, Japan, and China use about 71% of the world's paper. If it were all piled together, it would reach the moon and back eight times!*

Now from the Earth to the Moon is about 200,000 miles. Imagine all those trees used to produce all that paper! What are those paper used for anyway? Documents, books, advertisements, homework, etc.

*From "Living in the Environment" 12th Ed, by G. Tyler Miller, Jr. Note: I'm going to make a lot of references from this book, which I recommend as a good book.


Ask yourself? "Do I recycle?"

Recycle, that a big word. According to it means to put or pass through a cycle again, as for further treatment. That means, a piece of junk mail can be used to take down someone's phone number, giving away old clothes to someone, reusing grocery plastic bags for small trash bags, throwing away a piece of paper in the recycle bin. Reuse as much as you can from something. Did you know it can save you money? How? Think of it like this. A college student studies hard for his math exam and needs to practice a lot of problems (studying math by requires lots of practice). The student can either use fresh line paper, or can dig out some old homework with one side all blank. Why use line paper, when that can be used for some other stuff. It's just practicing math problems.

"So what's the big deal?"

Reusing material means reducing the amount of raw material out in the environment. Reusing paper can save a tree, for an example. Not only do you save a tree, but you reduce habitat destruction, and protect the other species out there. Also, it reduces pollution and saves energy.

"Why you emphasizing so much on paper?"

Paper is the most easiest material that can be recycled. There is so much that can be done with paper. It's just the decision, how do I reuse it AND where do I throw it away, the trash can, or the recycling bin? The correct answer: Recycling bin! Though, there are exceptions: such as those that are contaminated, wax paper, carbon paper, thermal fax paper, and stickers.

"I don't have a trash bin."

Reuse a box, or buy another trash can label it "Recycle bin." Small plastic trash bins can run from $3-5.

Don't think of recycle as throwing stuff in the recycling bin.

The main idea in recycling is to REUSE. Buy reusable consumables.Not only will it benefit the environment, it'll benefit you by saving you money in the LONG RUN. Ex: Rechargeable batteries cost more, but it's better than buying a new pair of non-rechargeable batteries every month. Also, don't throw that old printer away (or any other electronics). Donate it, or even try selling it (like E-bay. Good Luck!). If it's broken, there are places where you can drop it off and they can reuse the parts.

Remember the 3 R's

Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.


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