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Get involved.

All it takes is a little bit of time, energy, and discipline. A little bit of something can make a huge difference. Start now, it's the best time to start. Everyone is already recycling, whether they now it or not. Instead of throwing food away, saving it for later is recycling. Having a garage sale, or auctioning off items is another ritual US consumers experience.



Pick up your trash

Start by organizing your trash, decide what is recyclable and what's trash. Remember, landfills don't hold an infinite amount of trash. Anything that is recyclable, but contaminated is considered trash. Like greasy pizza boxes.

Join communities or volunteer programs to pick up trash in the beach, or park. Just remember to separate what is recyclable and what is not.

Make some money

Lawn mower gave up it's last ounce of life? Don't throw it away. Some nerdy kids love to do stuff with the motor. Ever seen a bike with a lawn mower motor? Same goes with computers and other junk just sitting around in the house. Have a garage sell, or auction it off. If no one will take it, try donating it. Especially your clothes you've held on to ever since you were a kid. There many kids out there that can surely use that sweater your mom insisted you wear before leaving the house. Do some great service to the world, you'll be glad you did.

Maximize and Reduce

Use what you can to it's full potential, therefore reducing the amount of money spent. Buy material that is willing to last longer in the long run. It may be quite expensive, but in the future, you'll see yourself saving some money.

  • Wear that pair of shoes until it can talk (where the front of the shoe has a hole).
  • Let the kids fold paper airplanes out of junk mail rather than good plain pieces of paper.
  • Worn out socks can make good rags.

    Again, only in the long run will you'll see a big savings in your bills.

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