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Friday, October 17, 2003
-=- i knew it -=-

i knew it.. yup... my sister was working on a webcomic. you know what that means? if she gets really famous then she'll end having her own booth in the independent presses in the comic con and some of us we'll have exhibitor badges and yeah... well if you haven't seen it, check it out:

Atsuko Stories

FBA 9:19 PM ///

-=- i'm back once again -=-

i can't believe what i'm doing. i'm playing those damn video games again and it's really bothering the crap out of me. i have a project that i say that i'll start sometime soon, but nothing ever gets out of me. time for me to start kicking tons of butt. stop those evil video games.... yeah right, after i'm done blogging i'm going to shoot some people in halo. -bleh-

i got a crap load of new cds too. i got this coupon from best buy that said i can save 15%, but it turned out that it didn't work because it only worked on music, dvds, games, that were over 29.99, limit up to 3. see... there is hardly any music out there that is over $30, so i thought it would of been save 15% when you buy up to at least $30. but no. one of the people there agreed with me too.

don't buy at the mira mesa one, i have tons of trouble over there... you know i'll still buy there anyways.

anyways cds i got were:
dido: life for rent (this i got last week actually)
justin timberlake: justified
taproot: welcome
3 doors down: from the sun

i like them all... though i hate it because i have to listen to it a couple of time just to like it... you know.

FBA 9:07 PM ///


Monday, September 08, 2003
-=- ok this is just praising the lord wrongly -=-

check out my guestbook. larry moore praises the lord because of guestbooks. why? so he can sell his shit to me? damn spammers! STFU and send all your junk to your mom or someone that you think will buy it. do i want your skincare products? no. same goes to all you credit card MOFOs! i mean, i heard of people signing guestbooks just to advertise their website, but that's a little different from advertising their product. if i say i NEED skincare products then go ahead and post your shit on my book. if i don't then don't bother signing my g-book, unless you want to comment on my webpage.

oh and... WTF is up with all this junk mail?

well... that's the my rant for the day... share your rants with me. just click the comment link below.

FBA 10:54 PM ///

-=- everything in life sucks -=-

went to my friend's blog to find out it was closed... i wonder what happened.

damn it, i'm already stressing over school. do you know how much i have to spend on the first week on my art class, print making? over $100. that's just a big fat load of bull. so i'm deciding wheter or not i should drop the class. seriously, i'm not to willing to spend a fortune on a less interesting class. besides, i have another art class which i could spend my cash on because it's cheaper.

why the hell does all the school offices have to open up at 9? that's when my classes start.

anything happen in my boring life? oh, went to hometown buffet with my sister to meet up with her friend. she's been going through a much more horrible life than me and look at me bitchin' and complaining. since she wants to be kept from being known around the net, i'll respect that and note her as "she" or "her". anyways, she's been going through a lot of shit (lost her ability to speak for 2 years) and went through a miracle (regain the ability to speak this year), now living her life as a normal girl. we sang karaoke, i listen to her and my sis sing (oh her friend sang too and i did a group sing along to YMCA). for just getting her communitive ability back, she's a pretty good singer.

went to sleep for an hour... woke up to help my neighbor install some stuff to her computer and now back to down school work. dang, this essay is so informal, it's not organized and it doesn't make sense, just like all of my other essays ^_^. so i better get back to work.

FBA 10:44 PM ///


Sunday, September 07, 2003
-=- dang it -=-

i had to reinstall windows again because i'm a dork like that, but i think it's working way much more better. actually i was having problems with stuff like updating my nForce drivers and stuff.

anyways, i went to see if i can get a new job working with my friend, julio from RTC. the job is simple, just insert data into the computer and then drive cars around. not just any cars but bmws and stuff. i got to tour the place and stuff. it was fun and stuff. do i like it? yeah. do i want it? i dunno. seems kinda simple.

after that i chilled at julio's place for awhile and watched some TV. damn, i haven't done that in awhile. got some take out at panda express. i never took interest into stand up comedy, but i got to watch rich vos (i seriously never liked him from last comic standing) and he was seriously funny. then i got to watch mxc... which was funny as hell and slam ball.

then i come home to a computer that needs attention. sux.

FBA 12:24 AM ///


Wednesday, September 03, 2003
-=- the new me -=-

ok, i took that little icon i had and put through photoshop and got it close to what i look like. anyways, let me know if i should use it for my new icon.

the new me:
new me

FBA 2:35 PM ///


Tuesday, September 02, 2003
-=- first day of school fall '03 -=-

how was it? well... TRAFFIC SUCKED ASS!!! every shortcut was just so full of cars that it was best to just go straight. i tried taking the felecity shortcut to the 15, but the entrance to the 15 was blocked with cars. the 15 took away a whole hour of my life. trying to take montezuma road to SDSU was blocked with heavy traffic. so what did i learn from this... first day of school sucks! remember to go to school early for the first couple of days of school... that's if you commute.

i got to school late but i got to class on time. it was about 8:07 when i actually parked and got to class around 8:20. the teacher was doing role call and when i was settled he called my name. i guess that's considered to be on time. ^_^

this class is a history class on filipinos and southeast asian countries in the US. the teacher is so FOB, i'd have to pay more attention to understand what he says. oh and it's kinda embarrassing when he starts talking in tagalog, damn it, i wish i knew tagalog.

next class (bio 100) was aight. just damn lecture hall.

went home to paint my brother's room then work, to return back home to finish painting. i'm now covered in paint. stab my foot with a nail... *ouch*

oh yeah, got speakers for my pc... finally! 5.1 logitech z-640 w/ dolby surround. i still miss my boston speakers because they were much more better sounding, but these logitech speakers are good for the price. (after rebates and savings ^_^)

anyways, i'm tired and i'm going to sleep. nights everyone!

FBA 11:05 PM ///


Sunday, August 31, 2003
-=- checklist -=-

i made a checklist of "Stuff to do list" on Dec 17, 2002 and here's what I got done:

work on eklectic designs.com
clean up my room (but needs to be re cleaned)
complete rabbit music video
brighten up RTC x-mas video
go shopping for presents
wrap... eh... box presents

Man... that sux. I still need to do a lot more stuff.

FBA 11:17 PM ///

-=- blogger ain't dead yet -=-

Well, it's been about 7 months since I've ever updated this blog. Just wanted to log in and say hi and welcome all new and old visitors. Make sure you write a comment by clicking on the link below (it might say something like "be first to make a comment", or "comment").

Current Anime Watching:
Naruto, Last Exile, Get Backers

Current Game to beat:
GTA3: Vice City

Current Things to buy:
Parking Permit
Computer speakers
CD Burner

well... that's it for now. i guess. I'll come back next month, or year.

FBA 9:30 PM ///


Friday, February 21, 2003
-=- quickie update -=-

Yeah, i said i was moving, but i guess I'm not until... sometime.

Anyways this is a quick update (so i won't forget) blog of what I did on feb. 21, 03... friday(which is crucial because it was a damn day I was suppose to spend about 3 hours studying). TWO exams on Monday. I know, I suck... hit me.

*went to work, went pretty well
*finally took Lucia to Starbucks
*called up Marisol (and her friend Margaretta, which lead to a funny joke)to join us
*stayed at the parking lot in my car til 10 mins til 9
*drop of Lucia, hanged out at Marisol's
*played with her computer, killed her connection to the internet (OPPS!)
*felt VERY sorry
*convince her to go to Cox
*umm.... oh joke. Marisol asked me, "Mark, would you like a drink? Margaretta?" It seemed as if she asked me if I was interested in some Margaretta, but she was asking her friend.
*come home to play DDR with BUMs

I feel stupid because I was suppose to spend my damn time studying. ARGHRRHRHRH!!!! Try saying that out... you'll sound like me. ^_^

FBA 11:55 PM ///


Tuesday, December 31, 2002
-=- i'm moving -=-

Yeah, I'm moving... where to? Don't be disappointed it ain't far away. The address ain't that hard to remember. I'll still be seeing you all and stuff, it's just that the place I'm moving to is much better. So update your bookmarks/links to http://fba.dragonpalace.net. If you actually thought I was moving from my house then, you got fooled. heehee...

FBA 8:27 PM ///


Wednesday, December 25, 2002
-=- who's guilty? -=-

Every big holiday, at work there would always be a buffet and lots of residents bringing in their guests. Well, this is the time when many of the waitstaff come in to help setup, bust and reset the dining room. This can be fun, only if there wasn't the oddities mixed in with the group. So, how was work? Hmm... there was the return of David, Lucia, Linda, Marisol, Rene (as Ho), the 3 stooges, and me (I'm excluding upstairs people). Everyone, other than the 3 Stooges, were doing their jobs, while the 3 were just monkeying around. I went in the kitchen and see them jumping on each others backs. They hardly were busting and were mostly inside the kitchen. The reason why the residents love them so much was because they kiss up so damn much. The biggest perv, Mr. Fresby, is a good example of how they kiss up. They would go up to him and talk to him then he would say stupid sex-type stuff. Of course, they find it funny. Marisol and Rene left at 2 because their time was up. After our lunch break (Eddie hit them with a fat spit wade, paper towels drenched in water, funny), the 3 Stooges spent a good time in the office, locked themselves in for a good amount of time, which could of been used setting up the tables and stuff. The non-Stooges just did the majority of the jobs, David did beverage side-jobs, Lucia and I removed linen, cleaned carts and trays, and pushed out the chairs (preparing for vacuuming) and Linda did more than us (she left early, though). I was suppose to leave at 4, but I left at 3, stopped doing my job at 2:30, taking a long break with the other two that were still avalible. The thing is, the dining room wasn't finished and we left the job to the three stooges. Was this a good thing to do?

Ok, here's my defense:
-They were getting paid for monkeying around spending time talking on the phone and to each other
-All the time they spent playing around could of been used to get them out at 3
-They just sat around doing nothing
-Mostly, they were using us to do their jobs so they can just come right back to work and cruise right through.

Let me elaborate on the last one, their are jobs that need to be done, busting, reseting tables, vacuuming, pulling out chairs, pushing them back, cleaning salad bar, collecting linen, clean carts and trays, and clean beverage area. We did the busting, pulling out chairs, collecting linen, clean carts and trays, and clean beverage area. That leaves the 3 stooges with reseting tables, vacuuming, pushing chairs back and cleaning salad bar. As an extra, we helped by removing the table cloths off the tables. They wanted us to reset the tables, clean salad bar and, I dunno, vacuum? As we work our butts off, they come in and help (and sit their asses down) and cruise right through. I just didn't want to deal with that and took off for a break and left an hour early. It was a lesson well learned. We totally surprised them, too, when we told them that they had to reset the tables. HA! I can't wait to see Nalley(1/3 of the circus) back as hostess, if she tries to get me back, I'll have something thrown back. Maybe just not listen and let her write me up, but I can probably defend it ^_^.

Well, was that a good or bad decision, what would you have done? Here's how bad they are: they are sooooo good at kissing up. The biggest brown noser is Lorena who tries to become friends with everyone saying hi to people and commenting them with stuff. It's just total kissing up. I don't fall for it, it's stupid. There's David, her enemy, and she goes up to him and says merry christmas with a hug. What kinda shit is that?! You hate him to death and still hug him? Kiss up. Speaking of David, he's quitting because of them 3. That's really bad. The funniest thing is that they would get mad at each other and next day come back as friends. Shows how much their bond is. I think they live in the same house and I REALLY mean it. Scary...

Long rant, sorry, it's just for record keeping purposes.

FBA 10:02 PM ///

-=- Merry Christmas -=-

I'd love to thank you all who donated presents to me. I love you, even though you didn't I still do. Oh yeah, I forgot to post this (this was 2 weeks ago), but AJ from Channel 93.3 was stuck in a crane high up in the air (ok, not that high), but he wasn't coming down until 9330 toys were donated to him. This was in the Target parking lot next to the Mission Valley mall. He said it was possible if a small fraction of their listeners donated at least 3 toys each, they would reach the goal. Well, they did and I was one who donated 3 toys, it just makes me happy I did. For more details check out their website at channel933.com.

Anyways, I didn't get that much this year, but I don't care. I got Super Monkey Ball 2, Old Navy and How to Avoid a Cop T-shirts, How to Draw in Perspective, and my Cybershot Digi Cam. I know it's not much, but still, I love to thank everyone that donated. ^_^

FBA 9:45 PM ///


Friday, December 20, 2002
-=- drunk vcd!!! -=-

Could it be!? I just got done with the drunk Thong music video. By Sunday, we'll be watching the hideous drunk Jay music video. Hope I can get it done on time. It's going to be great!

FBA 11:30 PM ///

-=- rewards programs-=-
I've signed up for this rewards program, My Sony, as some of you know because I've sent you a Wish List, hoping I win the grand prize, but this program has it's flaws. The program is all about getting points, more points get you discounts. Though, these discounts aren't all that great. Check this out, just by getting 2000 pts, the S2 Sports™ Net MD™ Walkman the price is cut to 130.00, but at the Sony store, the price is $19 more (they pay for S&H, but limited time only). I did a search on eBay and found it avalible (Buy It Now) for $121 plus S&H($12). Epinions found a store that sells it for $127.99 plus S&H($12).

The only thing I find good about this program is that they have some offers that are too good. Such as the Shakira concert tickets... save $160 with 2000 pts. Though, they already out of stock so that makes it useless. The points are pretty easy to get, just build a Wish List and send it to a bunch of friends. Each friend rewards 50 pts and this method can only go up to 1000/year. Just for signing up, the reward is 1000.

But I don't really think this program is worth it. Maybe if they give bigger discounts then this could be better. I only signed up to win that $10,000 grand prize worth of stuff!

FBA 9:21 AM ///