So, you want to make your own slideshow? Though there are some minor things you must do. First, your pictures must be the same size. If not, you'll get some distorted images. Second, your pictures must have the same name followed by a number. Though, you must not have a 0 as the first number, though there are some exceptions. Ex:
Good exampleBad example
image1.gifpika1.gif1st slide
image2.gifbulba1.jpg2nd slide
Good exampleBad example
image01.gifimage01.gif1st slide
image010.gifimage10.gif10th slide

You can place a "0" if the rest of the pics in your image has a "0" as the first number. Third, all the pics must be the same format (.jpg, .gif). That's it! Now just answer the questions below and you're finished!

How many pictures are you putting in your slide show?(Has to be between 2 and 200)

What is the filename of your images, excluding the numbers and picture's format? (Ex: If your images name was image1.gif, image2.gif, image3.gif... then you would put "image". If all your pics had a 0, such as image01.gif, image02.gif, image03.gif... then you would put "image0".)

What's the picture's format(extention)?