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Friday, October 05, 2001
*i forgot it was not*

I have many reasons why I haven't blogged in quite awhile. Well, there's the one where I found studying was the most important one. I usually blog before school starts, but I found it handy to study. I'm way too busy watching Anime I've downloaded through Morpheus. My brother also showed me this game called Ragnarok and it's why too damn addicting. Though, my main reason is because nothing out of the oridinary has happened. Except for today...

Everyday my comp is on 24/7 downloading junk off Morpheus. I wake up to find that it download 4 files over the night. I'm satisfied with that. Well, I go to school and come back. No files were done. I mean, you've got a list of 40 files in line to be downloaded, all of them set to download, most are at "more sources needed" and the rest either at "Searching" (for what? eternity?), or my favorite "Remotely Queued". Before everytime I come home there would be at least one file done and a couple of files downloading, but today was different. It was no files done and 1 or 2 files still downloading at 0.01K. Damn, their connection sucks.

Well, that was the worser half of my day. RTC is off to a "wonderful" start (notice the sarcasm there) . I just can't wait to go to work. Yeah, we lost 3 employees all in one week. Becky didn't finish her 2 weeks, Alicia (Becky's sister, was fired) and Vivi quited because her dad got involved in a crime so that she moved to Mexico (according to some sources). Now we have Tanya and me. Marisol and Juan comes in sometimes. We have 2 new trainees, each having only 2 days of training. I work now as a waiter in the mornings instead as a host. I work with some who knows how to work ONLY in the first floor dining room, tomorrow in the morning. (Just for those that don't know, I work in a retirement home, assistant living, second floor. Each of us have different ways of working and the assistant living people are more grouchy.) Anyways, she's had no training at all for upstairs and still Rene (the one that makes the schedule) schedules her to work on the second floor. Also, Rene didn't even ask if I wanted to work a double. Really stupid. To cut the argument short, I just accepted it. Not only does she leave me to work a double, but to work section 19 and leaves me with the two trainees who've had only 2 days of training. Oh boy... not one of them are ready for anything upstairs.

One of them was not even trained right. Tanya was stuck upstairs all by herself yesterday, with her trainee. No one else to help her. Why don't they send some people upstairs to help? Do the downstairs people only think of themselves? Well... hell yeah! They should of sent some people there to help Tanya out. They fire all these people and don't even have a back-up plan to take care of their loss. I can't wait to get out of there.

My complaints? Well... there sending people upstairs without no proper training. They think that Tanya and I can handle everything on our own. Ok... here's what I'm going to do and I hope it works. I'm going to call one of the weekday morning people to work. Therefore, I can train the other person (who knows nothing about upstairs... ok maybe a little). I can't train and work at the same time! If they don't like that... heck... to those that thought I could handle everything... if you don't like that idea then too bad. You thought I can handle it on my own, well... I am.


Friday, September 14, 2001
*how is everyone after tuesday's attack?*

First of all, I was not myself on Tuesday. After coming home from school I turned on the TV immediately. Channel 7, NBC... I dunno, I've come to love that station over any other station. Watching the towers collapse, 10, 20, 30 times... it still hit me. My body was in complete numbness. Those planes hitting the second tower... I imagine all those people inside... how horrible. My face would feel the numbness and it crawled down to my toes. It was a wierd effect. I couldn't stop watching. Turned to all the possible channels I can get and most of them were tuned to the Attack on America. QVC and some other channels cancelled their broadcast. America was hit hard. I never knew how much this had affected me, and everyone. After watching for 3 hours, I couldn't stand watching the towers collapsing, the plane crashing... it was horrible. I went to my computer to work on Project Pecan's new project, but... I just couldn't do it. It was a wierd experience. I tried playing some games, but it didn't help. So, instead I went to websites and forums and read what people had to say about today's incident. I couldn't believe I agreed with most of the people. The one's I never agreed on was "Where's Bush?"... well, duh! He's playing hop-scotch so he wouldn't get attacked. I also read a post that someone cussed out Bush because gas prices reached $5... well, it's not Bush's fault, it was the damn person who owned the gas station and thought they could make a buck or two from this incident. After that, I tuned back to the TV.

Getting out of school was the hardest thing on Tuesday. Right when all my classes were finally over they canceled all the class at SDSU. Everyone wanted to go home and I parked in one of the worstest structures at that time. It nearly took me an hour to get out. I even had to take a detour to the I-8. I was lost, but I found it, by luck.

I went to Walmart to buy a drink for 60 cents and went to the McDonalds inside and ate my favorite 99 cent 6 piece Chicken McNuggets and tried out their Cajun McChicken. Walmart had TVs everywhere turned on to the news. It was sad to see some people just hearing the news just now (12 o'clock Pacific Time). People had disgusts faces, everywhere you go you hear the same thing. It was a very sad day. Before I left the school campus, I walked around and they set up a spot where they had a radio tuned to KOGO (AM radio station) and everyone was tuned in to it. When I was in my car stuck in the parking lot for 1 hour, I really didn't mind because I tuned into channel 93.3 to listen to the news. All the malls were closed, airports closed, some stores were closed, classes were canceled. There was so much going on.

Today I'm wearing blue pants with white strips on the side and a white shirt my shirt got me from the Comic-Con. I'm going to the Aztec store when it opens to buy me a red shirt, then I'll be set. If I worked today, I would look for a bandana that resembled the American flag and wear it. I wouldn't of care what our managers say. Though, I'm not working.

I want to buy an American flag, but I hear they are very hard to find. I want to help out those people over there right now. I want to go to New York and help those people clear out the rubble, but I'm afraid they won't let you unless you're a firefighter, or police man. Therefore, since I can't fly across the country, or walk my lazy butt over there, I'll donate some money. I'll feel happy that I've actually pitched in and did something worthy. Go to and they've already collected 4 million dollars! I'm going to donate to the Red Cross using so then I'll know that my money is part of that 4 million. $5, $60, $100... it doesn't matter. If everyone in the nation where to pitch in a dollar, you can imagine how much that would help those needed.


Tuesday, September 11, 2001
*my heart goes to all the people's familes to those that have died*

This is much more worser than the Oklahoma City bombing. Now they've stopped using bombs and started to use somthing more devistating... airplanes. I'm talking about the airplane crashes at New York City. 1 plane crashing into one of the towers of the World Trade Center, yet, following is another plane crashing into the other tower. Not only did that attack go on, but there was a third plane crash on the Pentagon. 20-30 mins later, a section of one of the towers of the WTC collapses on the streets below. What else is next? This is just bone chillin'.

I was driving to school at 6:00, my brother woke me up late. When I tune into my favorite morning radio show, AJ's Playhouse on Channel 93.3, when the show starts, it starts with some breaking news. That's when I heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center. I kept switching between channels with 93.3 and 100.7. 100.7 had more better news coverage on 93.3 because they were actually using audio from CBS and other major news sources. 93.3 had their own coverage and played music once in awhile. This was just a nasty display of what us humans are capable of doing to one another. Now I'm afraid to go anywhere, even school. You never know when a terrorist might attack. I stayed in my car for a little while just listening to what is going on. First one plane crashes, followed by a second. Then there is news about the Pentagon on fire. When I was about to leave the car I switch to 100.7 to hear Brian Gumble say that a section of one of the towers has fallen to the streets below. It's all happening at once that I couldn't leave the car because I wanted to be up to date on this thing. Airplanes instead of bombs... now we have moving bombs. What else can people think of?

*Updating post*

Well, I'm updating my post because before I didn't have enough time so I had to cut it short. When I went to my Math class we tried to watch some of the news, but the teacher said "he didn't care about any of that crap". How can you not care about it? America is beening under attack. Anyways, I hate my math teacher. Not only did he just told us that it was "crap", but he sucks in teaching. With his lectures you get nothing out of it. Most of the students correct him alot. It took him a long time to answer a very simple question. What a horrible teacher. For my BIO class, we spent 5 mins talking about the devastation in New York. I hear that there were bomb threats all over the nation and car bombs, too. Pretty scare stuff, huh? Now it's not even safe to go out to get the mail. Someone mentioned that they declared war, but I dunno about that one. Supposively his dad gets messages from the press and his dad told him that congress declared war. Hope not. Anyways, class was canceled because of this tragic situation. I wasn't happy because I wish we spent the whole class talking about it, or something. Every major news site I go to is either busy, or down because it would be filled with visitors just checking out the updates.

There's nothing else for me to say.


Tuesday, September 04, 2001
*something happened*

From the end of my two weeks of summer, I've been getting the crave to play some "Sims". I dunno, why, but I just got the sudden urge to. I downloaded tons and tons of skins for the characters. I also went out to buy "Living Large" and was very disappointed that the price hasn't dropped every since it came out (which was last year). They are coming out with a new one "Hot Date", which I might want to get, and I'm not sure if I want to get "House Party".

I'm back at school... woo-hoo... listen to the excitement I have. Well, I guess that also means more bloggin, right? I dunno.


Thursday, August 23, 2001
*suprise!!! i blogged*

Well, I finally get my new computer (Gateway 1.6 Ghz). I paid $700 and my dad paid the rest, but I'm going to pay him for like 2 years. It's going to be slow, but hey, it's something. My new comp really sucked without internet access, but after buying a router from, it came in 2 days, and made my computer kick some serious booty! Networking was kinda fun. I get to send messages to the people upstairs by using the printer. I can scary someone by printing a blank piece of paper. Windows ME is a greater OS, but you know, that's my opinion. I really have no say on if it's the best, or if it sucks. I'm just glad it's really easy to use. Ummm... My summer is based on my new project, Project Pecan. It's starting really slow, but we've got some good content on there. Just not enough.
RTC has come to a new generation of waitstaff for both up and down. Come to think of it, there's hardly any guys. That's pretty cool, though, because the women at RTC make a better waitstaff. LOL! I get paid more hours as a Host, which means more money for me... a dollar more an hour. That's pretty sweet. I can't think of anything else that happened between the con and now... It's just Project Pecan and work. There's other stuff that happened, but that's like the highlights of my summer. At least it's better than just eating and sleeping. What a waste of summer to just do that.


Friday, July 27, 2001
*con after math*
Well, it's all over. You can read my report on our web page: Project Pecan. I'd like to add some stuff, though.

*I had to babysit Maybeth, which was a time killer. At least, I had someone to talk to in the line. Francis was just complaining about not able to go in. Heehee....
*At of all my years at the con, I had more company, then before. First I had Maybeth and Francis following me for awhile. Then I had Maribeth and Vin Nonh (i don't know how to spell it, but just for the hell of it, I call her "Vi" for short).
*I got a 15 sec interview with Elisabeth Filarsky and you can view it soon, only here on my blogger!
*I give thumbs down to the pics I took. 100 thumbs down to the guy who took my pic with Elisabeth and me together!!!
*I had to escort some asian model to her booth. I tried to get some discount on the "got rice?" t-shirt, but instead she gave me a pic of me and her.... damn.
*I actually cosplayed... as one of the Tokyo Pop people. The guy at the Yolk booth asked if I worked at Tokyo Pop. Heehee.
*My actually diet consisted of Mc Donalds.
*Bought stuff to sell on Ebay, which I hope on doing soon.

There's more, but I forgot. Now I'm busy jumping around with my blades, making comics, and damn it, it's back to the old people's house... work. My fall count has increased to 7 with my rollerblades. I was jumping off/on curbs at Rincon Middle School, while my sister practice driving stick. I also skate around the parking lot. The damn school is fenced so I can't go inside... damn. There was some skaters in the campus, too. I think, I scared them away. There was this 3 foot gap I try to jump. I attempted 3 times. First time, I fell. The second time, I made it, but I wasn't ready to jump off the curb and at that one. The third time, I landed on my ass. ^_^. There's stuff you have to try in life, you know? I hate just running around in circles. The worst accident was when I was going 40 MPH (ok, maybe 25-30) down a hill and I try to go off this curb, but I totally ate it. Scraped my upper left shoulder and my ass.


Sunday, July 08, 2001

I can't believe how hard we work just to get 279 kWh, but our baseline allowance is 249. Anyways, to avoid the rate increase you have to get less than 130% of the baseline allowance! I calculated it to be 79 kWh. You have to get 79 kWh or below. "45% of SDG&E customers are doing this", that's a bunch of dog shit! With only 79 kWh, that means you don't watch TV, or play games, use the computer. Damn, SDG&E is taking the life out of us. Imagine living below 79 kWh... I see another reality show coming.

Anyways, here are some sites I'm working on: