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I haven't updated this part of my blog in a long time! Well, I've got a new layout in my mind... heehee. How far along am I to actually put it up? Probably a long time from now. I made two layouts, but I figured it wasn't going to work. Anyways, still on Layout 0.1 (beta).


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Monday, June 04, 2001
*almost got it*

Alright, I've got my new design ready for my blogger. Just to let you know that now it's going to be a different URL, so you can forget about I'm going to move to tripod so you can view the pics and stuff.


Saturday, June 02, 2001
*huff and puff*

1 lap: From my house to the white fence near Jay's house, do a U-turn. Then turn left on to the next street and up to end of the street. Turn back and head back home.

Jogging 1 lap - 4:05
Skating (normal) - 3:30
Skating (speeding) - 3:05

I'm now working on some graphics for this blog. I know I've been saying this for a long time, but the project would always fail. This time I know it'll damn work!


Friday, June 01, 2001
*i'm back!*

I was too lazy to blog. I'm just posting today because I forgot the URL to my blog *heehee*... well, I was informed that if you don't post often, then it'll say that the page is not found. I thought I was going nuts and couldn't find my blog! Here's what I've accomplished this Summer Break: I've finally beat Half-Life and it took me 3 days. Last time it took me forever. I did something else, but I forgot. I got another job, but's pay by commision. It's a web designing job. Every web page I make I got $150. I'm under Jay's control. He decides what pages I get to make. Oh well... hope I can make a few bucks out of this job.


Wednesday, May 23, 2001
*at school, again*

I'd thought I would wake up to a nice exercise to Taebo and a roll around the neighborhood, but I'm here again at school. Yesterday was my last final. Today, was supposively to be my Psychology 101 final, but I got a little deal with my teacher. I can skip the final, but I have to help her out on her web page during the summer. Sounds like a good deal. Anyways, yesterday, I bought Taebo for $39.99. Comes with 2 tapes plus a free one, which I have to mail something to get it. I'm here because I have to go to Downtown San Diego and process some stuff for Cal Vet. Kirk needs to finish his last final and I'm taggin along. I got to try some Taebo and want to do some more!


Monday, May 21, 2001
*1/3 more to go*

I finally got done with my philosophy class, yeah! I'm so glad, it was hell of a lot boring. You know what, I'm now going to remove censorships and stuff. Why? Only 2 people read this blog... ok 2-5 and I know you all ain't little kids. Here's the low down on my finals:

Friday: I swore I told Cynthia I needed this day off. Anyways, she called around 4:30 and said I worked. I don't care if I get written up, it was worth skipping one day of work. I studied and studied... stopped to watch 1 and half episodes of Dragonball Z. In the morning, I skated around... I even went out the neighborhood. It was dead day, so there was no class... for me that is.

Saturday: Time for Calc 2 final. What!? 10 problems?! The previous ones had like 6 or 7. Oh well, it didn't matter. If I mess up on one problem then it won't cost me a lot of points. How'd I do? I hope I got an A... though looking towards a B. It was good I spent my whole day studying. Got done at 9:30 and wanted to sell my book. Damn stores don't open until 10! Played games on phone and message Kirk and Francis, until store opened. Got $26, wow. Spent little time studying for philo. Instead I spent an hour cleaning my skates.

Sunday: After work, slept for a little while and spent the whole day studying for philo. I forgot that he gave us a card where we can write notes. Though, after dinner I packed that card up with useless info, that barely helped me in the final.

Monday: Woke up late and stuck in traffic. Jenny cooked us some good pancakes. Warning: Take Center City if you want to get on the 15, don't take the 78, or El Norte around 6:30 AM on weekdays. Philo final wasn't that hard. Bullshited on one of the essay questions. Hoping for a B. No chance for an A. Sold damn book for $9... what a ripoff. Now I'm here blogging.

Damn... I hope my Bio final turns out good. I have a lot to study for. This is my last final out of my 3 days of hell.


Thursday, May 17, 2001

I finally got to eat out at the College Diner. I ordered the Granny's Big Big Breakfast (2 eggs, hash brown, breakfast meat, 2 toast, and french toast) all for $3.69. Yesterday, went to Mc Donalds to try and play that "Who wants to be a millionare?" game. I thought the prizes were all money, but they included some food. My sister and I won "small fries". The questions were very easy. What animals do they use in polo? Horses. I forgot my sisters. Studied all day for my Calc 2 Final.


Wednesday, May 16, 2001
*san diego, one of the best cities to live?*

Is San Diego one of the the best cities out there? Ok, we got nice weather, hardly any natural disasters, and the some what friendly people. Though, I don't think they advertise the ugly part of San Diego. Rolling blackouts, high electricity prices, high gas (not just the gas used for cars, but the ones in the houses), 2 school shootings within a year, and now high sewer prices. I have a feeling that water is going up pretty soon. What's going on?