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Friday, October 05, 2001
*i forgot it was not*

I have many reasons why I haven't blogged in quite awhile. Well, there's the one where I found studying was the most important one. I usually blog before school starts, but I found it handy to study. I'm way too busy watching Anime I've downloaded through Morpheus. My brother also showed me this game called Ragnarok and it's why too damn addicting. Though, my main reason is because nothing out of the oridinary has happened. Except for today...

Everyday my comp is on 24/7 downloading junk off Morpheus. I wake up to find that it download 4 files over the night. I'm satisfied with that. Well, I go to school and come back. No files were done. I mean, you've got a list of 40 files in line to be downloaded, all of them set to download, most are at "more sources needed" and the rest either at "Searching" (for what? eternity?), or my favorite "Remotely Queued". Before everytime I come home there would be at least one file done and a couple of files downloading, but today was different. It was no files done and 1 or 2 files still downloading at 0.01K. Damn, their connection sucks.

Well, that was the worser half of my day. RTC is off to a "wonderful" start (notice the sarcasm there) . I just can't wait to go to work. Yeah, we lost 3 employees all in one week. Becky didn't finish her 2 weeks, Alicia (Becky's sister, was fired) and Vivi quited because her dad got involved in a crime so that she moved to Mexico (according to some sources). Now we have Tanya and me. Marisol and Juan comes in sometimes. We have 2 new trainees, each having only 2 days of training. I work now as a waiter in the mornings instead as a host. I work with some who knows how to work ONLY in the first floor dining room, tomorrow in the morning. (Just for those that don't know, I work in a retirement home, assistant living, second floor. Each of us have different ways of working and the assistant living people are more grouchy.) Anyways, she's had no training at all for upstairs and still Rene (the one that makes the schedule) schedules her to work on the second floor. Also, Rene didn't even ask if I wanted to work a double. Really stupid. To cut the argument short, I just accepted it. Not only does she leave me to work a double, but to work section 19 and leaves me with the two trainees who've had only 2 days of training. Oh boy... not one of them are ready for anything upstairs.

One of them was not even trained right. Tanya was stuck upstairs all by herself yesterday, with her trainee. No one else to help her. Why don't they send some people upstairs to help? Do the downstairs people only think of themselves? Well... hell yeah! They should of sent some people there to help Tanya out. They fire all these people and don't even have a back-up plan to take care of their loss. I can't wait to get out of there.

My complaints? Well... there sending people upstairs without no proper training. They think that Tanya and I can handle everything on our own. Ok... here's what I'm going to do and I hope it works. I'm going to call one of the weekday morning people to work. Therefore, I can train the other person (who knows nothing about upstairs... ok maybe a little). I can't train and work at the same time! If they don't like that... heck... to those that thought I could handle everything... if you don't like that idea then too bad. You thought I can handle it on my own, well... I am.