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Thursday, August 23, 2001
*suprise!!! i blogged*

Well, I finally get my new computer (Gateway 1.6 Ghz). I paid $700 and my dad paid the rest, but I'm going to pay him for like 2 years. It's going to be slow, but hey, it's something. My new comp really sucked without internet access, but after buying a router from, it came in 2 days, and made my computer kick some serious booty! Networking was kinda fun. I get to send messages to the people upstairs by using the printer. I can scary someone by printing a blank piece of paper. Windows ME is a greater OS, but you know, that's my opinion. I really have no say on if it's the best, or if it sucks. I'm just glad it's really easy to use. Ummm... My summer is based on my new project, Project Pecan. It's starting really slow, but we've got some good content on there. Just not enough.
RTC has come to a new generation of waitstaff for both up and down. Come to think of it, there's hardly any guys. That's pretty cool, though, because the women at RTC make a better waitstaff. LOL! I get paid more hours as a Host, which means more money for me... a dollar more an hour. That's pretty sweet. I can't think of anything else that happened between the con and now... It's just Project Pecan and work. There's other stuff that happened, but that's like the highlights of my summer. At least it's better than just eating and sleeping. What a waste of summer to just do that.