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Friday, July 27, 2001
*con after math*
Well, it's all over. You can read my report on our web page: Project Pecan. I'd like to add some stuff, though.

*I had to babysit Maybeth, which was a time killer. At least, I had someone to talk to in the line. Francis was just complaining about not able to go in. Heehee....
*At of all my years at the con, I had more company, then before. First I had Maybeth and Francis following me for awhile. Then I had Maribeth and Vin Nonh (i don't know how to spell it, but just for the hell of it, I call her "Vi" for short).
*I got a 15 sec interview with Elisabeth Filarsky and you can view it soon, only here on my blogger!
*I give thumbs down to the pics I took. 100 thumbs down to the guy who took my pic with Elisabeth and me together!!!
*I had to escort some asian model to her booth. I tried to get some discount on the "got rice?" t-shirt, but instead she gave me a pic of me and her.... damn.
*I actually cosplayed... as one of the Tokyo Pop people. The guy at the Yolk booth asked if I worked at Tokyo Pop. Heehee.
*My actually diet consisted of Mc Donalds.
*Bought stuff to sell on Ebay, which I hope on doing soon.

There's more, but I forgot. Now I'm busy jumping around with my blades, making comics, and damn it, it's back to the old people's house... work. My fall count has increased to 7 with my rollerblades. I was jumping off/on curbs at Rincon Middle School, while my sister practice driving stick. I also skate around the parking lot. The damn school is fenced so I can't go inside... damn. There was some skaters in the campus, too. I think, I scared them away. There was this 3 foot gap I try to jump. I attempted 3 times. First time, I fell. The second time, I made it, but I wasn't ready to jump off the curb and at that one. The third time, I landed on my ass. ^_^. There's stuff you have to try in life, you know? I hate just running around in circles. The worst accident was when I was going 40 MPH (ok, maybe 25-30) down a hill and I try to go off this curb, but I totally ate it. Scraped my upper left shoulder and my ass.