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Saturday, July 07, 2001
*my damn day at work*

Well, today was a little different. When my bro woke me up this morning I wasn't sure if I wanted to get through this double. I hate working doubles, but hey, someone's got to do the job. I got to work with Becky, so everything was alright. I'm glad to work with Becky than with Edith. Becky cares about her job, I know it. She told me she likes to take care of the old people. Edith, she probably didn't care shit about any of them.

OK, let me make a new paragraph for Edith. Hell, she didn't even think it was worth her damn time to come in and say "I quit." She's too damn ignorant to know she got fired. She thinks when you quit all you do is not go to work. No, it works like this, you contact your supervisor and tell them you quit. There's a fat difference between quitting and getting fired. She told Tanya, "I don't know why you guys are going all nuts over her not showing up, I said I was going to quit sometime." I don't think that's exactly what she said, but it's something near. WTF? Jay said he was going to quit and it took him 2 years to quit. Kirk said he was quitting, but I still he him working. Do we know your going to quit? No, not unless you tell us by taking your damn fucking time to write a 3 sentence paragraph why you are quitting. I decide to write this now to get it over with. I was going to write it before, but I got lazy.

The fat as difference between Edith and Becky? Becky is just damn better than Edith, period. Come to think of it, when I went out to help Kirk jump start his truck, Becky couldn't find me and got bored and started cleaning the kitchen. I don't think Edith would of ever done that.

Anyway, enough with my co-workers... back to my day at work (anyway, that's what this post is all about). It was havoc all day. Before we got to work I had to jump start Kirk's truck. After making club sandwiches, Kirk went to bring Francis to his bank to cash in his check, I had to jump start Kirk's truck. Once Kirk dropped off Francis from his bank, Kirk went to 711 to buy a slurpee, I had to jump start Kirk's truck. What really sucked was I had my dad's cell and I decided to go to the copy center to copy the menus. I was expecting a call from Kirk.

Opps.... Kirk's plan: He was going to drop Francis off at his bank, so he can cash in his check. Then after that pick up Francis from his bank, drive back home so he can leave the truck at home, then call me to pick him up.

Well, everything was screwed up. Kirk dropped off Francis at the bank, but went to 711 for a slurpee, bad move. I went to the copy center to make menus and (which I didn't know) entered a dead zone, bad move. Kirk's truck doesn't start after picking up his slurpee. Francis was done within the next 2 mins, now waiting for Kirk. I was in the copy center of RTC, which is a dead zone, not realizing Kirk's calling.

11:08, I thought, damn Kirk should of called by now, when I realized that my phone was out of service. I call Kirk and he was freaking mad! He told me the situation, went to pick up Francis (waited about 15 mins at his bank) and jumped start Kirk's truck. Went back home to drop off the truck and transport the downstairs waitstaff back to work. Got to work a little late. I got a little heat from people upstairs, but Becky understood what was going on... screw Juanto. After lunch, Becky was on a cleaning streak and continued her quest to clean the damn kitchen (something I get once in a full moon).

2:05 Went to bring Kirk to some store to rent a transmission jack. It was scary bringing it back home because it made all these noises in the back and we sort of took the road where it had many hills (Nordahl to Country Club).

2:40 Francis and I went to the mall to get a 30% gift certificate from Anchor Blue. Francis bought some nice pants for a very good price. I'm thinking of visiting, because it's cheap ^_^.

3:40 Dropped off Francis.

3:50 Arrived at work... and changed clothing inside my car.

4:00 I was notified that Marisol V. called up. I got to pick someone from Gilbert's crew, my choices? The two new people, or Marisol A. Off the bat it was Marisol A. Manuel called in, too.

Jeremy and Marisol A? A good combination? No, I took a section. Section 19. I didn't care. It was easy. I forgot some people, someone ordered a damn beef steak, I couldn't pour coffee for some people, I gave Jeremy an extra table, but I didn't think he was up to it. Had to go down and wait for the beef steak to be cooked. It went slow. I promised Gilbert that we would go down to help, but we came down around 7. They were done already(damn, that's fast). Since Jeremy likes to talk to Marisol, I told Marisol to clean the salad bar and get Jeremy to help her. Then I hear Nancy complain about the beverage leaving early without finishing his work.

So, how's the future of RTC's waitstaff? Not so good. Manuel was on a contract, if he called-in one last time, he would be fired. His step dad supposably called saying he was out of town. The beverage's future in RTC doesn't look good. Jeremy found a good job (I'm glad he's leaving, now I don't have to hear his bitching.), and his last day is next Saturday. Gilbert put his 2 weeks last week. Has 1 more week to go. Marisol V. looks like a good candidate to vote out of the tribe. Marisol A. will quit once she finds a nice job. Well, I can see buffets every dinner now.

As for Jeremy, why am I glad he's leaving? He bitches about how much his job sucks, how hard it was, how the care givers get paid more and do nothing, how much the management sucks, and how lazy Gilbert was. Yes, your job sucks because you suck at it! It's hard because you think it's hard and you suck at it. Do you think the care givers get paid more and do nothing? First of all, you say they get paid $10? Where'd you get that info? They get paid $8. something. Do you think they do nothing and sit in the office all day? What do you want them to do? Walk around the place doing nothing? What if they do? There needs to be someone to watch the office just incase someone gets hurt somewhere in the building. All we do is serve food to the residents. They have to assist the people to the dining room, help the residents into their clothing, put up with the same damn complaints we get, give them baths, help them use the bathroom, and etc. What do you have to do? Serve them food, cut their food (if needed), and... that's it. They do nothing?! Get your head out of your ass! The management that sucks... well, why don't you do something about it? Gilbert, lazy? Look at this, who do you think helps out when some one decides to call-in? Who prints out the menus that the residents take home? Who was the one I saw helping out the person who's doing salad bar and is running out of time? Who else, Gilbert. All Jeremy does is just take his time so people can come and help him, or to avoid doing his side job (such as vacuuming). Whenever someone calls-in Jeremy doesn't take the extra side job Gilbert gives him. Whenever someone is running late when we have to go over menu, I don't see Jeremy helping, but I see Gilbert. Sure, Gilbert talks on the phone, eating in the office, talking to the workers, but hey, I see Jeremy hanging around doing nothing, eating a shitload of food, talking to the workers. Jeremy, I hope you read this, if you thought this job was hard, you must suck.

To tell you the truth, I respect our business. I feel proud to be able to help those in need. Residents admire what we do, but some of us don't see it. I hate when people complain about stupid stuff. Workers complain, I complain, residents complain... It's how society is. I hate when people don't see stuff my way. My brother said that the job is getting harder because the management sucks and the new changes. I agree management sucks. Hey, can you do any better? What new changes? None of the damn changes made my job harder, it's just the same. The only thing that makes it hard is that we are low on staff. You want management to grab people off the road and hire them? What can we do about it? Hell, we are already posting in Penny Saver. I've read a couple of applications, "Found in Penny Saver".

My last thing I want to say, we are losing staff because of a couple of factors: pathetic pay, pathetic raises, unfair judgement, and Nancy. If Nancy were any nicer, I'll probably be seeing some old faces.

Other than that, I like my job. How long will I stay? I don't know. Maybe another year. I want my Christmas Bonus.


Sunday, July 01, 2001
*was i an eye witness*

Here's something I forgot to blog (this was some time ago and not related to the title):

When I was driving home from filling up my mom's car, I was following this car and it was funny because she stopped completely off the line. Half of her car was across the car. I thought she was stupid, but actually I found the cop to be stupid. It was an intersection. One lane with no stop signs and the other lane that intersected it had the stop signs. (It's the one when you take a left off Rincon(before it turns into Country Club) and into North Broadway, going south and you take a right into that one neighborhood where your lane intersects with that one lane that leads up to Center City, that's the intersection I'm talking about.) The cop was making a left on to the lane leading to Center City and didn't pull over the woman in front of me, that completely went over a stop sign. I was expecting to see someone get ticketed. See how lazy cops are now a days.

Anyways, today, work was alright. I got Marisol A. to work upstairs. Gilberto decided to make it buffet because Cristina didn't show up. They said that she would get fired if she didn't show up again. Also, Eduardo (the beverage) didn't show up. Therefore, there was only 3 people. I felt bad because I took Marisol. She did pretty good for section 20. It was Tanya, Becky, and Marisol that worked upstairs. Pretty good team, no?

While coming home from work, I was following Jeremy. I was held back because of damn traffic, but when I got off Fig and onto El Norte I caught up with Jeremy. Then I see smoke on the El Norte -> Ash St. intersection. There happened to be an accident. Jeremy was lucky to catch the whole thing, damn bastard. All I saw was smoke, oh and a car on the other lane blocked my view. I never got to see an accident. Like this one time, my brother and I was waiting at this one intersection and the lights were red. Then suddenly you hear some brake really hard. The sound was like surround sound, it was everywhere, I was looking everywhere. Then you'll hear this crash and it was too my left. I concentrated on my front and right. Anyways, Jeremy was parked and I was right behind him. This black ranger was going to take a left from El Norte on to Ash. Then he hits this blue truck that was going straight from El Norte and the blue truck goes nuts and hits the stop light pole, while the black ranger does a couple of spins. It was so instant that all these people were there. All these people came out of church, people came out of their houses, people come out of their cars. Jeremy was cool enough to stay and be a witness. I was with Jeremy and wanted to talk to him. Oh, the guy in the black ranger was in his car all the time. The guy in the blue truck was lying on the ground... no blood, he was just dazed I guess. This was a lucky accident... err... or should I say the guy in the blue truck was lucky. So suddenly there was this service crew that was near by. 3 mins into the accident, the service crew was there. 5 mins into the accident, the first cop shows up. I was amazed. 7-10 mins into the accident, the ambulance shows. One of the cops said, if you're not involved with this situation, leave. Jeremy and I stayed. I pretended to be a eye witness. Someone interviewed him and asked for all this crap (name, number, address). I gave the work phone number ^_^, glad to be at service! Then they let us go. I was glad because I had to go pee. Some guy was talking to Jeremy about other accidents he saw. Good thing he wasn't talking to me. Well, that's the closest I'll ever get to see an accident. Just smoke. Actually, it was a misty of liquids. heehee... I just got to tag with Jeremy and get an inside look on how they interview witnesses. I've always wondered what they would ask you. I was scared they were going to ask me anything. I would of said, yeah, I saw the same thing he saw, yup. Well, I'm just glad I got to drain my drizzle.