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I haven't updated this part of my blog in a long time! Well, I've got a new layout in my mind... heehee. How far along am I to actually put it up? Probably a long time from now. I made two layouts, but I figured it wasn't going to work. Anyways, still on Layout 0.1 (beta).


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Wednesday, June 06, 2001
I said that I was going to put up the next layout on this blogger. I have it all set, it's just I don't have the time, or I'm too damn lazy. I started making a new web page which you can visit. It's either I was busy on that page, or too lazy to upload the layout. I'm not going to use Tripod. Though, you can look at all my old blogs in my tripod account. It's pretty slow, but if you wait for a while, it'll load up.

Here's the links:
Web page I've been working on
New addy to old blogs (including this one)


Monday, June 04, 2001
*almost got it*

Alright, I've got my new design ready for my blogger. Just to let you know that now it's going to be a different URL, so you can forget about I'm going to move to tripod so you can view the pics and stuff.