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Friday, May 11, 2001

I didn't blog yesterday because I had to study for a Calculus 2 midterm, late in the semister. I hope I at least get a C. I did alright. Got home and played around with the new cell phones Kirk and my dad bought. I don't have my own, but I don't really care. Who's going to call me anyways? Went to the dentist. Boy, did they do a number on my teeth. My teeth still hurt... wait... teeth can't feel pain... it's my gums. Though, my teeth are so white.

Went skating around and met up with Jeffrey. We had a little water war with his friend(Josh), too. I had the big crapy gun, while they had the little squirt guns. They were cheap and kept shooting me in the face. I got Josh all wet... I think his parents were mad... as for Jeff... he couldn't get wet... wuss. When Josh spread him with the hose, Jeff got really mad. He was going super saiyan! He attacked me, though. He's pretty buff for a little guy. Can't wait till he gets into college. Now we can have a real wrestling match.

Went home to finish my projects from my Graphics Com. class. Also stayed up finishing my Psychology HW.

*survivor report*

You thought it was over, eh? Well, I'll have more survivor reports, only if I hear anything about Survivor... like the "so-called" celebrity Survivor show. I think, that's only just a rumor. I know, Kobe is interested in joining. Anyways, it was a great episode. It was funny to hear who they liked and hated. Like Kel's story about Jerri. Everytime he hears the name Jerri, it's like scratching a chalk board. Another funny story is Jerri's. She's getting hate mail, but some fan mail, but she just made it worser on herself. If you're a 8!+(#, why show it on public TV? You're just going to make it harder once you get home. That one comment that person said about Elisabeth crying, she didn't cry alot. Probably near the end, but not in every episode that it turns to a drinking game. Also, why did they have to concentrate on Elisabeth's marriage, they should done something else. I wonder if Surivivor 3 can beat 2? I'd have to say 2 was pretty damn good. I can't say it's better than 1 because I haven't really watched 1.


Wednesday, May 09, 2001

We got done very late at work last night. It was 7:35 that we clocked out (Amellia and I). Laura didn't schedule a beverage and took away Cynthia. Amellia was tired and I thought she was fast enough to half of the dining room setted so I did a throughly clean on the kitchen. I cleaned the inside of the white refrigerator, clean the side of the ice cream machine, clean the wall next to the trash can, and the swinging door. When I was done, she was still doing silverware and need to put out coffee cups... oh and there's the menus, too. It was also 7:22.

What I don't get is that, we go downstairs to help. Why can't the downstairs people come up and help?


Tuesday, May 08, 2001
*getting better*

I'm getting better with my in-line skates. I tried to skate backwards, but my legs were, too tired. I practiced the T-stop, but it didn't work out well. I'd rather stick with the heel brake... better to waste money on a worn out brake rather than 4 wheels.


Monday, May 07, 2001

I just figured out what the T-stop was... I actually learned how to do the spin stop... I haven't learned the T-stop (in other words, using your foot to brake, by draging it on the ground), just yet.


*different weekend*

Cinco de Mayo was actually fun. I thought I would never have fun on this day. Work was the best part. Nancy made some nice guacamole (I know I spelt it wrong, it's just I'm too lazy to check the write spelling). Lunch was good. I made two tacos, one with beef and the other with chicken. After work, came back home and skated around. Then I started doing some Tai Chi, actually it was Friday that I started. Played around with the computer until midnight, when Jay came over. Kirk and Jay did their little tradition, go out for a nice late night burrito. They didn't get pulled over, but they saw alot of cops.

Sunday started off pretty slow. We got to work early (10 mins) and got done pretty fast... setting up for breakfast. We were lagging with bussing the dishes. Franics and I mixed up this nasty drink consisting of: cranberry, coffee, milk, orange, water, italian dressing, ranch dressing, ketchup, jam, butter, whip cream, a cookie, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and lard. We didn't drink it, but made horrible display for the person that was going to pick up the dishes. See how boring work can get? Oh, we also brought the Dreamcast. This time we got Carlos (dishwasher) to play, actually he just walked in. Went to pick up Jenny from her fencing class. On our way to drop off Francis, I threw my chick magnet at Jason and Trin. Continued skating around. I just learned a new technique, T-stop. That's when you do 180 turn to stop. I did it about 50 times... spun out... 540 turns... a couple of times. I also got to spend time talking with Jeffrey and a little with Diana. Then I spent a huge part of the night talking with my sister about various topics (religion, science, and one's wellbeing) while doing my homework.