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Friday, May 04, 2001
*rolling, rolling, rolling*

Yesterday, after bringing my sister to Barnes & Nobles, we went to The Sports Authority. I was, again, looking at their in-line skates. Tried some out myself and skated around the isle... no one was watching. I picked up a good pair of skates... to me they were good. I had a hard them picking the safety gear. I wanted cheap, but good looking. I also wanted to get a gear that had the same brand name as the skates... but it didn't go that way. Well, after spending... 30-45 mins at the in-line skate isle, I went to go cash them out. I didn't think it was a good time to buy them, yet. I wanted to wait until payday... this Monday, but I couldn't wait. Well, I'm glad I bought yesterday because I met up with... Shannon (ex-RTC co-worker of mine). Lucky for me, she gave me employee discount. I saved about $30! Grand total? 120.38! I was so happy. While going home, I met up with Trin (David) at Center City... He was driving next to me, yelling my name... I didn't quite notice, too. I thought it was my lucky day, so I bought some lotto.

Got home and started rolling in the backyard... actually, I was trying to see if I can keep my balance. Practiced braking, too. I'm so rustied.

*survivor report*
Will this be the last report? Not really, next week there is one last one. It's the "after math" of the show. Well, if you haven't heard, Tina picks up the win. Yeah! I forgot that the runner up goes home with only $100,000. The episode was a really good one! Every episode kept getting a little bit boring after the first, ya know? The whole thing about some disaster happening (Micheal falling in the fire)... it was nothing. Those damn previews. It did keep me up and anxious to see who gets hurt and how. I thought that someone got attacked by a crocodile, or something. Same as the special guest that was going to show up in Baramundi camp. It would of been awesome if it was Richard who showed up, but it was Colby's mom... snooze... every episode kept getting a bit boring. Then the last night's episode was different. I was up, watched the whole thing, even watched the news... well, that's because they hinted that "Elisabeth going to be in Playboy?" Anyways, Colby could of won. He was a true survivor. Though, I didn't feel like he should of won. I also liked how Colby kicked off Keith. He didn't do it for selfish reasons. He knew, if he booted off Tina, automatically, Colby walks off with 10 times more money, then he did, yesterday. He wanted the jury to determine who was the best survivor out of the 2. Colby made a wise decision. Kudos to you. 5 stars with the last episode. Oh, and Elisabeth going to Playboy... not in this lifetime. She said "No" no matter how much they Hew were to pay her. Damn, damn, damn... I was going to be the first one in line for that, too. Well, she is getting married anyways. Damn, damn, damn...


Thursday, May 03, 2001
*can you spare a penny?*

After going to the DMV, I went to the post office.... hold on... I remembered something. It was at the DMV. You do remember the long lines, right? Well, now they have this guy who goes to the line and filters it out, people with registration get to go to this shorter line and makes things much faster. Well, this dumb 8!+(# distracts the guy from doing his job. She kept talking and talking about who knows, maybe her personnel life? But come on, he needs to do his job. The guy went away to help someone else and she was there still waiting for him to be done. I was so mad. So instead I went up to the guy and asked him (like I don't already know) where do I get my sticker. The guy asked for insurance and said it was expired when it said it was expired on "04/30/02". First thing in my mind "WTF!?" But he was wrong and he made me fall in a much more shorter line, but I was behind that dumb 8!+(#. Well, sucked even more is that she wanted to talk with someone who was in a meeting. The person behind the counter got up and walked around (wasted my time and everyone else's) to talk with her fellow co-workers. Then she came back to tell the 8!+(# that she was in a meeting. By the way, the 8!+(# was from Escondido Cycle Center.... The 8!+(# asked, should I call back and asked other stuff (stalling time). For me, I was answering them myself. "Should I call back?" Well, DUH! What do you want? Come back to DMV to waste people's time!

Anyways... the post office. I had the following... 4 nickels underneath the hand brake of my car and a $20 bill in my wallet. I need to buy a stamp. I didn't want to use a $20 bill to buy a stinking 34 cent stamp. So I searched all over the car. Pulled out a couple of pennies I didn't know I had in my wallet. My sister donated some pennies. The box between the front seats had some pennies. Time to total it up... 33 cents. Looked all over the car, even outside. I didn't want to ask anyone because they would be like, WTF. So after looking high and low... I bought the stamp with my $20 bill. I was happy though, I got 2 of those new quarters... it's the one with the plane... forgot which state.


Wednesday, May 02, 2001

The place I hate most is the DMV. I've been to horrible places, but I can't recall any. Long lines, people cutting... I had to go there to pay my registration. $209! What's up with that?

*to the dnz staff*

Check up the DNZ blog in a couple of days. You'll get to view a 30 sec movie... of course all of you have already viewed 5 secs of it.


Tuesday, May 01, 2001
*feeding the birds*

I bought a Monster Muffin Chocolate Chip and fed the birds little pieces. At first, I made some of them very mad. They were arguing and pecking at each other. Opps... not my fault. There's this other bird that keeps flapping his wings. It must of been a baby bird because when I threw a piece near by he flew away. As for the others they would attempt to catch it. It's funny, you throw a piece at them and a bunch of birds go at that piece. After that, they try to steal the piece, or fly away with it, but someone follows to steal it.

At the party, Jay said that if you don't see him blogging, then he's got food poison. He hasn't been blogging for awhile... I guess my chicken poisoned him. Sorry Jay, you got the bloody batch.

Aw, damn... I found this website with a bunch of cool pics of Tony Hawk 3 for PS2. What can I say? It's looks VERY nice. I can't wait till it comes out! Here's the dilly... There will be pedistrians and cars. How SICK is that?! So, what's the bad news? Well, the website I found it from got in trouble because they got the pics of a EGM magazine. Therefore, all hope isn't lost! Buy yourself an EGM magazine for more info! Or you can search for Tony Hawk 3 pics on google, or altavista. Here's the website where I found the pics: Planet Tonk Hawk


Monday, April 30, 2001
*got dreamcast?*

Not like we had enough of DC on Saturday, we brought it to work on Sunday. With the news that Irene quitted, there was Carlos, as morning cook and Lola as night time cook. It was, Kirk, Francis, Eduardo, and I that played Power Stone 2, which I dominated with 7 wins. After lunch, we continued to play, but instead of Eduardo it was Christian. This wasn't the first time we've done this. Last time, Nancy was cook and she was looking for us when Francis and I were playing Marvel vs. Capcom and Virtual Tennis. The rest of them were sleeping (such as Kirk).


*who let thong out?*

Saturday's party was fun. It was to celebrate my sister's and brother's b-day. It started at 4 and the first person that came in was also the last person to come, which was Jay. I cooked the barbaque, which I did a horrible job in (hey, I'm a waiter, not a cook). Jay left to go to work and Thong and his friend, Martin, came in. Played a couple of games. Chris, Jayme, Thong's sister and brother, Vi, Ven-on (I don't know how to spell it), Maribeth, Maritess, Francis, Timothy, Maybeth, and Jillian (for little while). All we did was play video games. Thong tried to jump his friend's car but messed up along the way, I hope Chris will post it up soon. The most popular game was Power Stone 2... Francis and Vi were going nuts. The party then moved upstairs... then it died out around 1.