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Friday, April 27, 2001
*survivor update*

Damn you Ogagor. Looks like Ogagor wins this game. They said they'd do it and did. They were going to be the last ones standing. Elisabeth was the last Kucha member to be booted off the game. I really wanted her to win. Screw Colby... he wins, too much. I'd get mad if he won the million. He has the car and stuff... the one who really deserves it is Tina. I don't know about Keith. All I hope is that Tina and Keith go down as the last two and Tina wins... yeah, like that one website said... Damn you, you spoiled it now.

Here's what happened. Award challenge was for a new car, the Pontiac Aztek and bunch of other stuff (food and a shower). *Damn blogger, you're so damn slow!* I had a bunch of stuff here, but Blogger didn't post it when I closed the browser. Anyways... it was Colby's mom that was the guest, not Richard as I guessed. Colby wins immunity and they boot out Elisabeth. I hope the final episode of Survivor is really interesting. The Ogagor alliance is NOW officially over. Why kick out Elisabeth? She really wasn't a threat. Ok, so she was.

Bye Elisabeth! We'll miss you. At least we get to see you in the jury.


Thursday, April 26, 2001
*psy midterm*

I guessed 12 times. That's pretty bad. Last time I guessed 11 times and got 4 of them wrong. What if I get 5 wrong? I also got the extra credit right (the teacher told me) and my teacher told me my project was the best one so far. ^_^ That made my stressful day better. I also went to Sport Authority with my sister to look at some in-line skates.


Tuesday, April 24, 2001

*broken promises*

I forgot to post this up yesterday, but, back then I said that Edith (my co-worker) promised not to drink alcohol until her birthday and after that graduation. Well, I can't believe she took a shot right in front of my face. I told her, even though it was a little, it still counted. Eddie had some with him and offered it to her. I knew she couldn't hold on to that promise.

I did alright with my Philosophy midterm. Now I have to concentrate with my Psychology midterm. Oh, I have no more message board, so you might have to use my G-book. Of course, you can e-mail me.


Monday, April 23, 2001
*online movie*

Those of you that are interested in the Online Flash movie, I'll make the blog availible tomorrow, or so. Keep posted for more details!



Finally got done with my Psychology project. Actually, I got done with it yesterday. It took me 4 days to complete. If you want to view it go to I also got a Philosophy midterm today. How ready am I? 50%... I'm not a Philosophy type of person. I understand the concepts and stuff, but I hate how the teacher never uses the board, or have any visual presentation to explain what he's saying. He's a good teacher, it's just hard for me to get to know it all 100%.