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Friday, April 20, 2001
*how to draw*

The next installment of the HTD manga books came out. How to draw manga: Bishoujo Around the World and How to Anime and Game characters: vol 2. Each $20. I got my copy how about you?

I'm 1/2 way done with my Psychology project. I wish I didn't work on the weekend. I need more time to work on it. I wish I didn't work today. Err... I also got to study for Philosophy. Damn.

*Survivor Report*
Yesterday's episode was an interesting one. It was cool that they get to talk to their family via Internet. Funny how Keith made a marriage proposal online and on TV. Damn, Colby, you were suppose to vote off Keith! Now you're going to get it. Now I hear that there's a website that's 100% accurate with their predictions(ain't my website... so far I'm 10% accurate). They said that Keith and Tina is going to be the last two. Tina is going to take it all. Hope that's wrong. It's also nice that they won't so which one is going to be the winner until the live show. Oh, if you didn't know. Last season, on the last episode, they counted the votes and the winner had to keep it a secret until they air the last episode. Now, this season, (this I read somewhere) instead of counting the votes of who's going to win the million on the last episode, they will count it in the live show they have after airring the last episode. Therefore, as of now, the contestants don't know who won... not unless they asked each other who they voted for, but that would break the contract.

Prediction: who's going to get the boot... seriously... Elisabeth. I want her to stay, but I know for sure that Ogagor alliance is still alive. Last night's show, Colby hated Keith, he still voted Rodger off the show. Next episode... surprise guest? Could it be Survivor I winner, Richard?


Thursday, April 19, 2001
*drip drip... drip drip*

Our aquarium has a hole in it. Last night we took out all the stuff out of the aquarium to transport it to the backyard and filled it up again with water to find the hole. No lead as of, yet. I also bought about 27 packs of "Top Ramen" for 8 cents each. Yummy, eh? Interested in some Ramen? Go to Major Market before it's all gone. I've also noticed something, if you want to work there (for the guys) you have to shave your head. All the baggers had shaved heads... what a coincidence. My Philo test was moved up to Monday. I don't know if that's good or bad, it's just, I have a Psychology project due that day.


Wednesday, April 18, 2001
*torso track jr*

Nothing new happened. I FINALLY bought some shoes for work, only to come back and find out it was the same pair as his. Damn. Bought my sister some shoes and bought a PowerTek XL... it's like a portable Torso Track and a lot more smaller. That's about it. Oh, yeah... this week is going to be a long week. Just yesterday, I had to make 5 pages of notes of Psychology. Today, I have Calculus HW to do. On Friday, I have a Philosophy midterm. Monday, Psychology project is due and Wednesday, Psy midterm. I also cut myself while taking apart this device for our aquarium.


Tuesday, April 17, 2001
*happy b-day*

First off, I'd like to say happy birthday to my sister. I don't want to copy your "I didn't forget" tradition and post a picture on your door.

How did work go last night? Well, we got out at... 7:35. It seemed as if Kirk was lagging. Oh, it's also's Ruby's last day.

I'll miss you so much, just like I miss Rosa. I hope you guys visit during the times we are working. Until then, see ya later!

I went to Payless Shoe Store and they closed 5 mins early. Come on, 5 mins early, you guys close at freaking 8, not 7:55. Can some one say, "I want to go home, NOW".


Monday, April 16, 2001

Survivor Report:
I'm not too much interested now. I mean, still watch it, but it seems to be going slow. I actually missed the first 10 mins of the show. Well, Amber got the boot. I don't know how the game started because I missed some part of it. Though, their camp got washed out. Actually, it just took out there blankets and some other stuff. They had lost there food, but they found it, but it was kinda hard to retrieve. Keith had the matches in his "other coat", but it was washed away. So instead they slept to tightly against each other. As for Colby, he spent the night at some camp somewhere near by. They had food, sang, beer, and a horse back ride, to the camp. Well, as the host said, "Looks like the Ogagor alliance has broken up." Looks like it did.

Prediction:(who's going to be booted out next) Well, it's seems like Keith is going to be next because Colby mentioned something about him not liking him.

*RTC updates*
RTC as in Redwood Town Court and Right to Censor are dead... ok, but Redwood Town Court isn't litterally dead, but is overbudget. What now? They are cutting our hours. Upstairs and Downstairs lost a section. Now only 4 waiters and a host downstairs, and 2 waiters and a host upstairs. As for the weekends (and Friday), there's going to be a EX for downstairs and they are going to bring back section 20 for upstairs (meaning 3 waiters and a host). Now our shift is over at 7 instead of 7:30. A 1/2 hour means alot. The weekend upstairs host is now the downstairs host from 11:00 to 4:00 and upstairs host from 4:00 to 7:00. At 4:00, the downstairs host comes in. As for the morning staff, there's not much difference.

Yesterday, I got to be the upstairs host. About time I do. I've always wanted to know how much it felt bossing people around... it sucked. Hee hee... Anyways, I still hope that I can be host during the summer. It was Easter, so more than half of the people went downstairs, or ate out. So we made a very huge table in the middle of the dinning room. I hade 1 waiter and 2 waitresses (Francis, Becky, and Tanya).

Anything else.... hmm... nope. Good bye!