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Friday, April 06, 2001
*a really quicky blog*

Survivor Report:
I noticed how Nick didn't like the game anymore and so he decided to act lazy, so people can vote against him. That's what I thought. I didn't think he was saving his energy, but actually, he sort of was, though it didn't work.

WWF Report:
I didn't think Stone Cold needed some kind of insurance policy. Stone Cold, one of the greatest wrestlers in the WWF, needs help? That just shows that the Rock is better than him. So, is Vince going to come down and help Stone Cold everytime? Well, at least the storyline isn't the same. I guess it's better as Stone Cold as a heel. If he wasn't then, it would be the same old thing over and over.


Thursday, April 05, 2001
*out for training*

I didn't post yesterday because I was studying (or training) for my Psychology test. I guesed 11 times out of 50 questions. I figured, if I got all the questions I didn't guess on right and all the questions I guessed on wrong, I could get a C. Yesterday's breakfast consisted on a blueberry muffin and some capacinno (hope that's how you spell it).

Comic gallery didn't get any new stuff... damn. I was hoping for the new "How to Draw Manga" to come out. It should be out soon. Tomorrow we also get paid. Can't wait.


Tuesday, April 03, 2001
*new trainee*

Yesterday I trained Amelia for section 18. Today, I train her for 19. I don't judge people on how they work until they get started. As of now, all trainees are considered "good workers" until proven "bad workers".

Stone Cold turned heel... sucks. At least he won the WWF championship belt. I thought Triple H was going to turn good, but he teamed up with Austin. It was pretty obvious that Triple H was going to stay as a heel. At first, it seemed as if he was going to good. When he came down that ramp and turned Austin around to stare at him, I knew that Triple H was a bad guy. If Triple H was going to turn good he would immediately attack Austin, instead of stare. I thought that was pretty lame.


Monday, April 02, 2001
*the best stress relief*

I heard that the new weekend hostess was a big 8!+(#. Her name is Pat and that's all I know. She looks nice, but remember, don't judge people on how they look. I made a deal with Edith. Actually, Edith promised me that she won't drink any alcohol until her birthday. After that, until graduation. Too bad, she already forgot about it. When we were in the break room she was talking to Alfred about going to TJ next week. Well, she quoted, "Me and Lola are going to get wasted." That sort of hinted that she's going to break her little promise.

After work, I went home to play a little Dynasty Warriors 2 for PSX2. It was getting boring. Then I went to pick up my sister from fencing class. Coming home, Jay was already at my house and I showed him some of my drawings and we talked. Haven't seen him since he quitted from RTC. Then went to change the oil in my car. Took forever because the damn bolt wouldn't come out, so Kirk used a vice grip and tore up the bolt. Asked Jay if he can bring me to Kragens (after doing a Boston Crab on him).

After buying the bolt, went home to see if I actually got the correct size. I wasn't sure, or the people at Kragens weren't so sure either if it was the right size. In fact, it did fit. Everything is well in order now.

Now time to study for Psychology test for Monday. Stayed up... actually went to sleep at 12. I wasn't ready for the test.

Well, it's Monday and I was almost confident about this exam. Sat and waited for the teacher to come. 3 minutes into the class... no teacher. 5 minutes... no teacher. 8 minutes... no teacher. I actually got 8 minutes of studying so far. 10 minutes... someone entered the class telling us that class is canceled and test will be on Wednesday. Everyone jumped for joy. Now, here I am blogging, instead of taking the test.