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Friday, March 30, 2001
*finally a day off school*

Funny how we have a day off from school today. Out of all the famous holidays, we get this one, which isn't much of a holiday. People ask, "why aren't you in school?" I say, "It's Ceasar Chavez day." Some thing, what, or who? Who is he anyway? Now, I hear he's like Martin Luther, but not as famous as him... Why don't we get Martin Luther King Jr's birthday off? That's whats funny.

Anyways, I took my sister out of school for a little while. Woke up early and treated her to IHOP. 2 Split Decision Breakfast. I thought I was going to spend less than $10, but I spent a little less than $20 (including tip). I was shocked! After dropping off my sister, I went to visit my grandpa and watch them perform a surgery right in his room! The surgery was really nothing. I was drawing while he slept. When I came home, I continued to draw until I released I needed to change the oil on my mom's car. Sucked I had to change the filter, too. There was also no oil! So, around 2:30, went to pick up my sister, then went to Kragen's to buy some oil and a oil filter (for my car). Then it was 3. I had to go to work at 4. I did a quicky, burnt my arm. I got it done, but it was 3:40, so I quickly got changed and left. When I got to work it was 4 at the dot. I was scrambling for my damn card! Don't worry, I clocked in on time.

There was a little party going on upstairs. Got some food from the party, too. Got so much that I brought some home. I like to thank Jane for that. People say she's bad... you know what... screw you. I like her, she's nice. The punch she made was awesome, too.

Oh yeah... Pilar. I hate to be a punk, but I'm glad she quit. She's a nice person, but I didn't think she was up to par with the rest of the waitstaff. She was a 50 year old woman, Laura's aunt. I hated to see her fall behind and hear complaints about her from the residents. Not only the complaints, but the food servers made fun of her. I hated to see her in such a horrible position. Why did they make fun of her? Because they have no feelings to their elder? They can't see how that person feels? You know, they lack emotion towards another. Even Laura didn't care about her quitting. I told her and it seemed as if it meant nothing to her. It's sad to see that. Good bye, and I'll miss you a lot.

Survivor Report:

Yesterday, I didn't think it was going to be an interesting show. It was like, who cares about who's going to be kicked out because it was definitly going to be Nick. Kucha is going to kicked, one by one. Damn Ogagor. The show was boring. Damn, Jerri won again... this time she wins that damn trip to one of the seven wonders of the world, with Colby. The interesting thing about that episode is the shape of the island. I was so amazed how the island was shaped. it was beautiful. I thought, this episode is so boring. Though, everything turned around. This time, Nick won immunity. They admitted that they were going to kick Nick out, but he won.. so it was Elisabeth who was next. Then I thought, please don't, the show would now suck. But it turned out that Jerri's team members backstabbed her and voted her off. *sings* Nah, nah, nah, nah... Nah, nah, nah, nah... hey, hey, hey... good bye. *stops*. She said, "It must be what I said during in the council." LOL!!! No way, it started every since you set foot on Austrialia. How dare you polute the soil of the Aussies.

Prediction (who's going to be kicked off next): Amber


Thursday, March 29, 2001
*glad that's over*

Last night I spent over 8 hours studying for Calc 2 midterm. It was the only day I studied for it. I know, I'm such a procrastinator... is that how you spell it? Anyways, I did pretty well, I hope. I was like the 4th one done... that means I did bad, huh? Please let me do good. I mean, I bought some capacino and a Monster Muffin (blueberry). Err... that's $1.58.

Dell must be deaf. I'm using a Dell computer with a Dell QuietKey keyboard and it's loud! Geez, people these days, trying to sell their products.


Wednesday, March 28, 2001
*everything is ok*

When my sister went to the principle she had to file a report and tried to identify the person through a bunch of photos. She didn't find him, but I'm glad she's doing ok.

I've haven't been visiting my grandpa. I know it's bad, but it's a waste of gas. I guess we'll go on Thursday and Friday. I hope someone is feeding the cats.

Oh yeah, Pilar, Laura's aunt, is going to quit. It seemed as if it was too much pressure on her. I told her to get a job as a janitor, but she denied. I guess she doesn't want to work there anymore.

Bought a donut for 2 days in a row now. That's because I had to stay for some Psychology experiments and didn't want to feel hungry during the experiments.


Tuesday, March 27, 2001
*you bastard*

Things I hate in life... People picking on my sister. When I picked her up yesterday, she told me that someone threatened her. "You better watch your back, or something might happen to you." This happened around 2:30. While she was walking down the hall someone (with a tennis racquet... probably hints that he's in the tennis team) walked by and made his message. After that, he rambled on and laugh. You sadistic bastard. Why do kids (especially high school students) think this is funny? My sister thought of it as a joke so she didn't do anything. Later, at night, I brought it up to her and I told her not to go to school. Then it got a little serious. She's got enough courage to report this to the principle today.

Why would anyone do that? Maybe he thought it was funny and decided to scare her, since they were the only ones around... I think. Kids shouldn't make jokes like that. They should learn that it's a serious matter even if it was a joke. If he gets caught and says "It was a joke." It doesn't matter... he should of known that it was a threat. He should of known that he's a stranger to her. Plus, that laugh at the end... what **** was that? I hope everything goes fine for her at school.

Here's my little guess. I bet every 1 out 199 students get threatened at school. About 10% percent will report it to someone. That is some scare stuff. They may think that they are a wuss if they do report it. Well, it's the opposite. If they did report it, I would have to agree that they did a very brave act. They should consider themselves courageous rather than coward. It takes a lot of "balls" to let someone know, especially the principle, counselor, or police.


Monday, March 26, 2001
*guess who's back?*

How interesting that WWF bought WCW. I wonder if Hulk Hogan will walk into the ring during WrestleMania. That would be cool. I heard that some famous wrestlers will be showing up in WrestleMania. Now I want to watch.

Chris is back from Santa Barbara and is on Spring Break. On Saturday, Francis was working that day and he brought over his Dreamcast. It sucked that we had to make club sandwiches, but we got done early because Eduardo was been trained. While we were playing, Nancy was looking (more like wondering) for us. She didn't get mad. Got home and Chris called. The plan was to bring his 64 to our house and borrow Conker's Bad Fur Day from Jay. It turned out that I had to go down south to visit my grandpa. My grandma wanted to go to the laundry, but when we got down there, she decided not to go. Oh yeah, I just brought my sister only because my brother wanted to finish buffing up his truck. Well, I bought a shirt down in National City and treated my sister out to some Chinese. After coming home, I called Chris and hooked up his 64 and played some Conker until 1:30 in the morning.

Sunday was just work. Came home to get an hour of sleep and then mowed the front lawn. Spent forever trying to get some stupid edge cutter to work. My neighbor was nice enough to lend me his edge cutter. Got most, but not all of it done. Watched the Oscars. I was upset that Crouching Tiger didn't get Best Director. I'm glad Gladiator got Best Picture. It would of been a major upset if Chocolat, or Traffic won.