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Friday, March 23, 2001
*i'll just post*

Here's what happened TODAY.

School was ok. I was so tired. I had to buy some coffee to keep me up. I hate doing that because its a waste of my dollar. Let's see... damn I forgot already. Anyways, went to grandpas and pushed him around in his wheel chair. Went to their house with my grandma to feed the cats. I filled up their Brita to the top this time. Went back to the hospital and our dad treated us out to a Pilipino restaurant. Food was good. 2 piles of rice, BBQ, and pork, oh and soup. uh... Drop my dad at the hospital. I almost fell asleep in the freeway. Damn. Took the city way back to Esco from West Benardo.

Work was alright. I got tired. Had some coffee. I was going to mail some letters but I needed some stamps. So I headed to the Post Office on Mission because it's open to buy stamps. I was listening to Channel 9.33 (San Diego's Hit Music) and I heard that their was a street patrol in Family Fun Center on Mission. Since I was so near, I decided to take a look, in my ghetto uniform (minus the apron). I signed up for some club card. I almost won some raffle... number was 126... they called 125. It was for some Backstreet boy shirt... good thing I lost. Also, I noticed that the morning DJ, the Nastyman, was gone. So I asked around. I even got to talk to one of the DJ's, Cabana Boy Geoff. Shook his hand and all, he said the Nastyman left to Guam. Some other lady said he left for other reasons... to look for another opportunity. I'll miss him. He was the one that got me hooked on to Channel 9.33. Anyways, that's all that happened.


*another one?*

Well, just a couple of miles away (and still in the same school district) from Santana High, at 12:45, there is another school shooting. I guess I can say that San Diego is one of the finest cities in America, but is it safest? San Diego is the most dangerous place to send your kid to school, but there is always a cop nearby. Santana, there was a cop enrolling his kid for that school. Granite Hills, there was a cop in the admissions office. You know what, I think it's better to have cops then metal detectors. It's cheap, but it's not really efficient. At least no one got killed. Comes to show that, no matter where you live, there will be a school shooting, so prepare.


*uhhhh.... uhhh....*

Let's see... I got a 4 on my Bio quiz... oh well... 4/5 ain't so bad. Yesterday, was a different day. Went to visit my grandpa at the hospital, but my grandma didn't want to go home. So I was like, damn, I bought the kitty food for nothing. I stayed with my grandpa and started to talk to him and stuff. I can see that he's improving. He might be talking about nonsense, but you have to speak louder, or else he'll guess at what you are saying. When I came in, he asked, "What's so different about my face?" His skin was peeling, but I didn't want to say that. He tells me, "That he's not frowning as much as he used to." Well, my grandma wanted to let him sleep, so I asked if I could feed the cats. Grandma gave me the keys and I left, so I won't bother my grandpa from sleeping. When I got to there house, I wanted to do something, other than feed the cats. I took the time to fix the bed and feel up their Brita jug. I got the Meow Mix out of the car and feed the cats. I think the little ones are starting to like me. We didn't go straight back home after that. Instead we went around looking for Kirk's new backpack. Didn't find any. Called up work to see what time the meeting was and Nancy answers. She put me on hold after I asked. After a long wait(and listening to RTC's phone commerical about 3 billion times), the receptionist answered and asked if I was on hold. I told her to transfer me to the 1st floor dining room. I swear Nancy is such a *!+[# sometimes. Went to the meeting and took some test which Mike gave all the answers to. Watch a boring movie... it was interesting, but some parts were so hard to understand. Umm... Oh yeah, got my project done for my online class.

Then I went to my sister's "Academic Decathlon" because it was some "Team vs Parents" thing. I had to pay $4 to get in... because they were ordering pizza. Trin (David) was there, too. Most of the time I hung out with David, Vi (my sister's friend, and my sister. Learned that there was someone who had a bigger appetite than me and Francis combined, which is Vi. Anyways, I didn't want to join the parent's team because of the questions they asked. I was like "uhhhh.... uhhhhh....". I knew some, but not most. I got to be score keeper, though. At least I participated. My job was boring because the parents hardly scored. It was all rigged. Some of the students answered the problem even before the questions was finished! Like "What is the square root of..." student rings in. Well.. ok... it's not like that, but it's somewhere along the lines. Freshmen lost, JV won, and Varsity won. Wow, only if the Freshmen parents still stayed and went against the JV and Varsity. Brought Vi home and filled up for gas. That was it.


Thursday, March 22, 2001
*meow meow mix*

After school went to go visit our grandpa in the hospital, yesterday. Our dad beat us to him. Again, I had to drop off my grandma at her house so she can cook up some food. While I was there, I did some house chores, such as washing the dishes and feeding the cats again. There wasn't much to feed them, so I fed them fake milk... you know the instant milk, just add water. Anyways, grandma gave me some sodas, sharing one with my brother. When we got back to the hospital, our grandpa had already started on his lunch. It was around 1:30 that we got home and started cooking lunch. Went to Comic Gallery and bought "How to Draw Manga #4" and "Shidima #2". Bought some Meow Meow Mix for the kitties when I went to Sav-On.

Survivor Report:

Well, yesterday's episode was a recap of the stuff that happened over the first 24 days. I didn't quite see some new footage... except the part when Micheal admitted that he like to eat everything in the fish. You know what, when they kicked out Kel, some said, "He didn't fit in." That kinda brings up some issues. Does that mean, Ogagor didn't like him because he was asian? Is he asian? I heard he was from someone. Well, he looks part asian.

Prediction(who's going to be kicked off next): Jerri, duh!


Wednesday, March 21, 2001
*back to school*

Yesterday was my first day back to school. I hope I didn't miss anything on Monday... for those that didn't know, I skipped school on Monday. After school, went to visit my grandpa. He was doing alright. I held on to his right hand and you can feel the pain he was going through. His left leg hurted and everytime he felt the pain, he squeezed my hand. Later, I brought my grandma back to her house so she can do some stuff. I got to feed their cat, Spotty and these other kittens. It took a while for Spotty to be cool with me, but with the kittens, they'll never get the use of me. I wonder if I can visit the cats again. Spotty was so hungry. After work, I finished my Homework for Psy 101. I hope I can turn it in late and get full credit.


Tuesday, March 20, 2001
*hey, i can hear*

This computer has sounds! Cool, now I can watch Bruce Lee movie. This morning I did a quicky burn. I burned a less than 80 min CD before going to school. I prepared it last night when watching RAW. Now I have to move all my stuff to tripod. That's really ghetto. If you're wondering why you see a bunch of X's instead of pictures, don't worry, it's not your computer. I'll get it fixed, sometime.


Monday, March 19, 2001
*a sad way to end spring break*

Well, where should I start? It was on Thursday, that my dad got a call from my grandma that my grandpa fell and hit his head in the bathroom.

On Friday, went to visit our grandpa and he was doing alright. Order some Jack in the Box, to find a very disappointing waste of 2.69 on the Supreme Crossiant Combo. Mines was all mashed! Good thing they gave us an extra one for free. Anyways, doesn't it come with 2 eggs? Anyways, my grandpa started saying all these stuff that didn't make sense. I asked him something and he answered some other stuff. After our hour visit, we went back to Uncle Rollies to get haircuts. Sucked he wasn't there, "Will be back at 11:30". waited... 11:35... no show... went to Barnes and Nobles till 12. Went back and Uncle Rollie was there with some customers... Duh! Bought a Sierra Mist... tastes like those warheads. Went to the mall and Kirk reserved Z.O.E. (go to for more info) and came back home... don't know what happened after that. I started to play this PSX2 Demo Disc my brother got. SSX rules!!! Same as Dynasty Warriors. I stayed up all night playing SSX until I got 1st place.

Saturday... can't remember... watched Drunken Master (or as the Chinese call it Drunken Master 2). Good movie. Like the fight scenes. Played SSX again. I ordered a leather chair ($85, had a $20 off coupon) for my desk from Office Depot online. I checked pick up at store. It was ready to pick up at Sunday.

After work on Sunday, I was so tired that I fell asleep. It was on 5:00 that we got a call from the hospital. They said that our grandpa had (Dramatic pause) a tumor in the back of his neck. Even though, it was scary because they don't know if it got into the brain. My grandpa might be going under surgery to get it remove, but it is a very dangerous operation. So we all got ready and left around 6:00 (it's our first family outting in a long time). I drove the Civic, while my dad drove his 280 ZX. Got to Paradise Valley Hospital (in National City).I had heard reports that my grandpa would talk nonsense and would answer correctly. I noticed that the first time we visited. But it did get serious. I asked him questions and he gave out other stuff. He was on a wheel chair when we go there and pushed him around the 5th floor. He pointed at places he wanted to visit, which was prohibited. He even pointed at some mexican guy that was passing by. My mom wanted to buy a calling card, so I brought her to Sea Food City. Bought some food, too. After that, mom and I got back, where my dad told me to bring my grandma back home so she can change. Kirk came along for the ride. When we got there I joked around with my grandma. I told her that her room was as messy as mine. There was this girl that lived with my grandma and she was watching some Disney movie and talking on the phone.... well... let's forget about that situation. Went back to the hospital and I saw my grandpa smile as I stare at him. Heehee... I made him happy for doing nothing. I talked to him and made my grandma comfortable. He said I was 80 and I think he called my sister by his own children. Jenny was Nida, I was Joseph, and I think Kirk was Andrew, but he was talking in Tagalog. Later he spoke in english and recognized us all. He said something about writing a letter to the Philippinnes, which was not the answer to my question. I was scared. What if he was like this from now on. My grandma and dad are debating if he should be sent to the PI. I agree because he's got more of his children over there than here that is avalible to take care of him. I feel sorry for Jenny, too. I hope grandpa can attend her graduation. Everything has changed. I saw my grandma cry for the first time and it hurt. Why now?

Oh yeah, when we visited grandma's house, she showed us how he fell. He felt dizzy and fell. There was this metal box which she thinks what busted his head open. I didn't want to leave Grandpa, but of course we had to leave sometime... school was started the next day... yeah right. Our parents sent us home, but when we got to the car, I couldn't find the security chip needed to start the car. I was going insane! Looked everywhere... up, down... retraced every damn step. None. I asked all over the place. None. Later, our dad brought us all home. Got the spare and went back to get the Civic.

It was all Human Error. It was habit, with habit you forget what you do. I have grown the habit of getting the chip and clipping it on to my key chain. I don't remember if I did clip it on my key chain because it was all automatic. Got home around 1 in the morning and decided to extend my spring break by one day.

Monday was ok, I guess. Woke up around 9:30 and went to the post office to mail some letters and buy a stamp. I did some HW when I got home. Cooked some chicken adobo... I thought it was nasty, but some say it was good. Went to Office Depot to pick up my leather chair. It took awhile, but I got it. The guy that carried it to my car was from EHS. I don't think he recognized me, but I sure as hell did. Got home and immediatly started to assembly it. I like it. The smell is kinda bad, but I'll get use to it. Work was ok. It was the tag team of Becky, Tanya, and I. Now I'm here typing.