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Wednesday, March 14, 2001
*return of the green shirt ninja, with some extra arsenal*

Today my brother and I went to Uncle Rollie's (our barber down in Mira Mesa) and surprised that he wasn't open and had a sign that said won't be back until 1. I was like, noooooo. Waste of gas. Anyways, went to the mall to pick up Legend of the Drunken Master 2("you call it 'Druken Master', but I call it 'Drunken Master 2' " quoted from someone in IGN). I finally got some workout. I got all geared up and resurrected the "Green shirt ninja".... now thinking about it, I was the black and blue ninja...

Well, now he's back in different colors! With a heavy blue thick coat for armor, and a sword in hand, he was ready to combat with his sister, the white ninja. With a lack of experience of his sister's fighting tactics, the green ninja falls in defeat.

Actually, I was helping my sister practice fencing. It was fun. I wore googles, too, because those swords can get out of control. There were many rules and stuff, which requires practice. Besides, I had all the heavy stuff on, which slowed me down a bit. It was getting very hot, too.

Survivor Report:
Survivor is on today, rather than Thursday because the NCAA championships. It was funny how everyone acted when Jerri and Amber were grubbing.

ARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!!! Jerri is still in the game! I can't believe it. You guys have to vote out Jerri. Then Amber... she's a friend of Jerri's. Alicia is gone... bye, I'll miss you. Stop kicking out Kucha! I love Kucha. Err... I can't believe they're kicking them out. Here's the plan you guys, kick out Jerri, then Amber. Heehee... I'm going hysterical over a game that's already over. Hey, if Jerri wins, this Survivor 2, is the most worstest Survivor I have ever seen. In fact, it's the first Survivor I've ever paid close attention to. The first episode of Survivor I've seen was the last episode of the last season. Kinda funny, eh? I wanted Richard to win and he won. Yahoo! Just don't vote out Elisabeth. Anyways...

Prediction(who's going to be kicked off next): Jerri, duh!


Tuesday, March 13, 2001
*umm... give me money*

Jay and Francis, I forgot to tell Francis, but Jay knows that you owe me money for the Royal Rumble. It's all good Francis if you don't pay up because I forgot to tell you before the show started. Damn it, I forgot the cost of it. I think it was $30, and there was 4 of us. So each would pay up $7.5, just let me know, ok.


*spring break*

I forced myself to post in this blog over the Spring break. As of now, I'm very very tired. On Friday, I put money down to reserve "The Legend of the Drunken Master". It's out today, but I'll pick it up tomorrow. I can't believe Mrs. Gelvin is turning into a rude person now. She commented that I was taking too long to give her food. Well, I was taking a long time because she actually came in late, which would suck to give the late people their orders before the early arrivals. Christian is a nice person to work with as a host. On Sunday, Rosie decided to call in sick (supposively she said she was sick), and Christian had to work for her. No host that day. Mike says a host for the upstairs is a waste of labor. The only waste of labor is Mike, himself. I still need to improve on my drawings. I also got HW to do over the vacation. Can you believe that? It's almost Wednesday, too! Damn. Washed my car on Monday.

Today, there was a lot of changes in RTC. First of all, we got 2 new waitresses. One is Laura's aunt, who works upstairs. The other is a Mini Marisol. Almost looks like Marisol, but smaller. She works downstairs. Upstairs got some new residents, too. Section 20 is now the hardest. Jeremy had lots of pressure on him. There was a slight incident today. I was doing something.... oh yeah, putting table clothes on. Mrs. Fields likes to wonder around the place. Well, good thing she was wondering near someone. I had my back turned and then I heard a thump. I looked and see her on the ground. I quickly "jumped into action" (something I remember Juan Guzman saying in his notes to Laura), and helped her to the nurses station. Was that good or bad? She said she lost her footing. Should of I called for the nurses, instead? Though, she wanted me to help her, so I guess it wasn't bad after all. I accused her of drinking too much. Later the nurses informed me that she had a little drink (with her medication, which is bad with alcohol) because you could smell it. Well, that's my day.