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Friday, March 09, 2001
*typical thursday*

Yesterday turned out to be as a "Typical Thursday". *thinking* Can't think of anything that happened, except my brother's battery for his truck died out. Got me worried for a second there. Um... wow, these computers got some ugly CD-ROM drives and this spacebar is squeaky.

My brother didn't go to school today because he wanted to rest because of his flu. I don't even know if I work today. (Spacebar is bugging me) Irish Cream tastes like crap... that's a note to myself.

Survivor Report:
Why kick out Colby!? Kick out Jerri!!! If you did, then Jeff would of stayed and Jerri would of been booted! If you think of it, she got more previous votes than Jeff. For those that don't understand how the voting works, here's how it works: For the first round, vote for someone that doesn't have the immunity. If there's a tie, on to the second. In this round, vote only on the two that got a tie. As for those that are in the tie, they lose their voting privileges. In case of another tie, they add on the previous votes from other Tribal Counsels. Jeff had 1-2, i think and Jerri and more than 2. Go Elizabeth! She kicked @$$ in the immunity challenge, too bad she didn't win. Oh well, you're still in the game.

Now here's my prediction, who's going to kicked off the island next? Jerri!


Thursday, March 08, 2001

My brother's battery for the truck died out. I was so mad! I wanted to go to school because I needed to turn in my HW for Calc 2. As for Bio, we are going to watch a movie which I need to take notes on. The teacher hinted that some of the questions on the next quiz are going to come from the movie. Then we charged the battery for 1/2 hour and it worked fine. Hope there's enough juice to bring us home.

Yesterday, took my Philosophy midterm, and did pretty bad. Guessed on alot of questions, including the essay questions. Opps. Went to Comic Gallery, then Sav-On to buy some medicine for my sick brother. Continued to draw and stopped to do my Calc 2 HW. I tried to win some contest from channel 9.33. Haze (Night time DJ) answered, "Channel 9.33", I reply "I'm calling about the...", he interrupts,"Caller #5". You have to be caller #9. Damn, so close. It was for some Sea World passes... I was bored. Later I'll post some of my drawings. Also, I thought up of a new layout for my blog. Heehee... again back to scratch. Maybe I'll post pics of the layouts that didn't quite work out.


Wednesday, March 07, 2001
*about the missing steak*

Yesterday, I posted something about RTC got robbed. 3 boxes of sirlion steak were missing ($300 value). In fact, they scared themselves. They never did recieve the boxes in the first place.


*channel 9.33*

Nastyman had an open forum to the people about the incident in Santana High School. It was mostly about metal detectors in the school. If you were for metal detectors, he would let you talk. If you were against it, he would always interrupt in what you were saying. His motto is "Customer Satisfaction is numero uno"? I don't think so. Everytime someone said metal detectors were bad (or we shouldn't point the blame all on the kid, but to those who made fun of him), everytime he would interrupt asking "Are metal detectors good?" or something else. That ain't customer satisfaction. That's humiliating the customer on the radio!

If I had a cell phone, I would call him up and say,"Metal detectors are good, but not in some situations." What if, the shooter shot outside the metal detectors? What you going to do about that? The metal detectors are suppose to protect the students, right? Also, I hear about a bag made of some material that can by pass metal detectors. The Nastyman is all for metal detectors. He doesn't care if he has to pay more taxes, why? Because he's rich. Also, with the energy crisis we are having. What if there was a black out? It's got to be the shooters lucky day.

My opinion, "Metal detectors isn't everything. People should learn to respect others. I point most of the blame on Charles Williams (the 15 year old, who killed two of his classmates), but also to the kids that teased him, parents, and school officials." That's my opinion. If you have anything to say, please post in my message board.

You know how I said that Mrs. Cresci called Mrs. Foreman, "interbreeding"... heehee... it sounded quite the same, but she said "she kept interfering". Mrs. Foreman would always be bugging the waiters when they were busy with other people. I find that rude.


Tuesday, March 06, 2001
*not here*

Wow, I didn't think San Diego would be the next place that would be hit with a school shooting. After Psychology class, someone would turn on the TV to see the reminding 10 mins of "The Price is Right". Well, it happened to be a newsbreaking story. In Santee H.S. a 15-year old boy came out of the bathroom unloading his gun on his classmate, with a smile, killing 2, and wounded 13 others. Out of all the places, it had to be here. I thought LA would come first before us (actually there was a shooting there, but it wasn't as famous as this). I've also read that, Santee had a low crime rate, but that doesn't really matter, right?

Yesterday, Cynthia informed me that some stool 3 boxes of sirlion steak from work on Sunday. There was 30 steaks in each box totaling to about $300. She also concluded that Irene didn't show up in the morning.

I should be studying for Philosophy but, I can't stop drawing. I tried to study last night, but I ended up sleeping.


Monday, March 05, 2001
*hee hee...opps*

Sorry Francis, I didn't mean to call you during lunch. I knew I heard someone yelling in the background. It's all good, though, because I ran out of change for the pay phone. I finally found my password. It's a "old school" pw.


*lost pw*

Don't you just hate it when you want to access something and you forgot the password. I'm trying to log into my G-book to read my private message, but I can't get in without my password! I've tried all the known passwords I've ever made! oh yeah, I forgot to post, my drawings have gotten a lot more better! I'm going to have to work on a new layout again for this blog.


*stupid stupid stupid*

If you read my previous post (March 2, 2001), it was titled as "my favorite day"... well it happened to be one of my worst days. During my long break from 7-9:50, I got bored and didn't know what to do. After my Psy 101 class went to the Technology Career Fair and got some stuff from Sony. We also went to the Convention Center because they had this Discount thing, where everything was on sale (such as clothes, computers, notebooks, games). Though, you had to pay a fee of $5, and parking was $4. I thought, I was going to have a fun time, so I called Francis to work for me. He said no, because he had practice. Well, they let us in 10 mins late (which sucked) and when we got in, it was so small. They only used 1/5 of the convention center! It was so crowded. As time passed by, the more people came in then left. Anyways, all the stuff there sucked!!! All the computers were old and dirty. The games were old school games. They had only 1 PSX 2 game, Fantavision... err... something like that. Clothes were ugly, and torn up. My brother quoted, "spent $5 on window shopping".

Later went to McDonalds to eat and went to some near by computer store where we bought a 16/10/40 Plextor burner. Damn typo... in the magazine it said it was on sale for $139, but it was for $239. Damn. It works pretty good, I say.

That was all on Friday. Saturday was a typical day, but sad, in a way. Rosa's last day was on Saturday, even though she said it was on March 10. I'll miss ya, Rosa. Hope you come by and say "hi". For those that don't know her, she is always full of happiness. Everyday she would come to work happy. In fact, I've never seen her mad. She brings happiness to RTC. My first day with Christian as host was on Sunday. He's alright, it's just he doesn't bring happiness like Rosa. In all, he's a cool person.

Another thing is that, one of the residents snapped at another resident. Mrs. Cresci, is one of those nicest people who you would never expect to snap. Well, I wasn't there but I heard she got mad and kicked one of her companions(Mrs. Foreman) out of her table. She said that she was "interbreeding" and "stupid". One other thing, which someone pointed out to me, I'm getting a different person to work with in the morning every Sunday.