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I haven't updated this part of my blog in a long time! Well, I've got a new layout in my mind... heehee. How far along am I to actually put it up? Probably a long time from now. I made two layouts, but I figured it wasn't going to work. Anyways, still on Layout 0.1 (beta).


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Friday, March 02, 2001
*my favorite day*

Today is probably going to be the best day... of this semester! My first and last class of the day is Psychology and I hope we get our tests back (*crosses fingers* please be good). Phil 101 was canceled (teacher is out of town) and no Calc 2 class on Friday! That means I'm going to be here in the lab until... 9:50.

Yesterday, I started to draw again and I noticed something. I have the tendency to stop drawing and then after a year I get back to it and my drawings just suddenly get better. They say, if you want to get better in drawing keep practicing. Well, I was out for awhile and so suddenly I get better, without no practice. It's like I've been practicing mental. After that I taught my sister how to do derivatives. I hope she does understand it.

Survivor Report:
No! Not Micheal! I had money down on him... well, not really, but I was hoping for him to win. Anyways, the accident wasn't really big. Everyone was saying that someone got bitten by a crocidile and stuff, but all he did was burn his hands. You dumb ass, now is not the time to be taking drugs... while trying to start a fire, he sniffed up too much smoke and passed out. Then he fell on the fire. Now they merge and I hope they kick out Jerri. My money is all on you Elizabeth! Split it with Colby, I guess. I'm definitely going for Colby, but I hope Elizabeth wins.


Thursday, March 01, 2001
*back to the drawing board*

I bought the new How to Draw Manga: Pretty Girls. I find this new installment to be much better than the others. They have actually step by step features for the eyes and face. I know it doesn't have step by step for all the features of the character, but it has very useful tips.

Study last night for my Bio 101 class. Psy 101 class was kinda easy. I sort of messed up on the drug questions. Can't believe the Lakers lost to the Nuggets. I don't get it, there's always a pattern with the Lakers. They would whoopping @$$ for the majority part of the game. Then when it gets to the 2nd half of the 4th, the other team would always catch up. Maybe the Lakers want to entertain the crowd and actually make the other team catch up, to put in so more suspense. Yeah that's it.


Wednesday, February 28, 2001
*study study study*

All I did was study all last night... for some reason I keep pressing the wrong keys when typing.... anyways, I hope I do good on this Psy 101 test. I got 73(out of 100) on my Calc 2 exam. If you look really carefully, the correcter was kind enough to give me a lot points. My original score was 58.... heehee. I like the grader. I guess there's nothing really to say. Oh yeah, got to study for my Biology class.


Tuesday, February 27, 2001
*i got scared*

Did anyone hear about the car accident near University of Santa Barbara? A college freshman killed 4 pedistrians. Well, I heard it in the TV some time ago, but on the radio this morning they announced one of the victims in that crash. My friend Chris N. goes to that university. When they announced the first name of the victim, it was "Chris" (here is where I got scared), but the last name started with a "D", so I was happy (with a big sigh of relief).

Oh, yesterday I finished the Trunks action figure model. My opinion.... uck. They made him a bit too tall and it seems like he's on steriods, or something. His muscles are much much more bulky than in the show. 2/5 stars. It's more like, Trunks in about 10 years, or you can say the Future Future Trunks. Here's a not so good place to see how this model looks like: Trunks Model


Monday, February 26, 2001

Maybe I should start blogging on weekends that way I won't forget what I'm suppose to post.

Rosa is going to quit RTC (she said she wanted more time for herself) and Christian is going to take her place. I'll miss you. *sniff*

I got a new layout for my blog done, but I didn't post it. It's not finished all the way, but I'm still working on it. I'll post it next week because this week is like Finals week. It's a conspirasy! All my teachers got together and made thier tests all on the same week. Damn. I bought the yellow (metallic) Eva Unit-0 action figure. I had a %20 off from Comic Gallery and it totaled out to be $15.47.

Note: I hate rain.