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Friday, February 23, 2001
*my thoughts on survivor*

Looks like the luck on Kucha has switched from good to bad. They finally lost a member. I wanted Ogagor to lose so they can boot out Jerri. In a way, I felt sorry for Ogagor losing all the time. It got kinda boring, too. Looks like Kucha will lose another member not because they lose immunity ,but because there was an accident. I knew I shouldn't have watched the previews for the next episode. Now I can't wait to see what happens.

Who will win? Go Elizabeth(Cool hat! When she went to tribal counsel she wore this funky hat, but still looked cool)! j/k... as of now, I predict Micheal.


*pay day*

My Calc 2 test wasn't so hard after all. I think I got a B or High C.

Anyways, we finally get paid! Yesterday, that is. We now get paid on the 7th and 22nd. Our company switch banks and all these changes came along. I spent half of my paycheck already! I bought 3 DVDs: Supercop($25), Supercop 2($30), and Twin Warriors($30). Then I bought 4 Dragonball Z tapes($16 each). It was triple points for Suncoast's Replay thing (the more you spend the more points you get). If you want more info on Suncoast's Replay, visit their website at I also bought this Trunks snap together figure. I still need to assemble it. The Dragonball tapes, and Twin Warriors I bought Suncoast online. Supercop 2 and the Trunks snap together figure was from Suncoast in the mall. I finally used my $20 Gift Certificate, I got during the RTC gift exchange, and bought Supercop from Wherehouse.


Thursday, February 22, 2001
*something i forgot to post*

On Tuesday night, I got this fat marker and told Rosie to smell it because it smelt like Grape (hence I was using a purple marker). She refused, but Cynthia came in and I told her to smell it. I put it so close to her nose that I actually poked her and ran... heehee. I hope she still not mad.

Anyways, yesterday, slepted from 1-2:30... went to pick up my sister (I was so sleepy, too). I was driving half dead. When I came back home I went back to sleep and woke up around 3:30 to study for Cal 2. Then I feel alseep on my chair for 5-10 mins.

I got to watch some of the Grammys. I wasn't done studying, too. Christine Aguilera looked nice, except the dread locks... yuck. The Eminnem/Elton John performance went well. I knew they censored something at the end of the performance (the middle finger).

After that, I went back to studying.


Wednesday, February 21, 2001
*might as well post it*

I'll post methods I use to cure a cold/flu, so I won't forget:

*Use Sudafed, or Zinc
- My dad bought me the Zinc-up (which you spray stuff up your nose), I dunno if there is another Zinc
- The Sudafed worked ok I guess

*Nyquil maybe nasty but it works
- Before I go to sleep I would take Nyquil, even before naps. One time I took it before I took a nap, the next 2 hours, I was so ready to go to work!

*Vicks does work
- Can't sleep because your stuff nose? Put some Vicks on your neck and chest and cover your head with a blanket.

*Vitamin C, does it work?
- Well, I've seen that it's not yet been proven that it does have any effects. In my Psy 101 class, we learned it's just a placebo.

*Hot tea
- This was suggested by one of the residents at my work. I find lemon, honey, and hot water does work, too. How hot cocoa?

*Chicken soup
- I read somewhere in the net that it does help cure the cold/flu.

*Lots of rest
- Without rest, your body is going to collapse the next day.

- I just read in the net that if you cough it clears the "uck" in your lungs... so, it might be helpful if you cough, but remember to cover your mouth.


*oh, hey... I do remember something*

Something did happen. I had a dream this morning that we were celebrating my birthday party. Wierd thing is, it was in my house, but the party was so huge, it seemed like the party was taking place in some kind of supermarket. Anyways, near the end of the dream (I knew it was a dream so I took control over it) and this guy pissed me off. So, I gave him a strong push, but mentally, sort of like that psychotic crab.... telekinesis. Then I rushed in and kicked him, then a few punches, finished with a strong blow, sent him flying to a wall (heehee... dragonball z). I tried to stay in the dream in stuff, but I was sucked out of la la land and into reality. Damn.


*hmm... i'm speechless*

I dunno what to say. Nothing much happened at work. The only thing that really happened, was after I got a 2 hours nap. I felt so healthy, but still felt sick.


Tuesday, February 20, 2001
*199th visitor*

Yup, I was the 199th visitor to visit my blog.


*bruce lee*

Watch a free movie of Bruce Lee online! Fist of Fury! I wish I brought some head phones so I can watch it at school. Damn. Anyways, yesterday I went to sleep after I ate lunch... actually was using the comp for a hour (talking to Francis online). Went to work, and came back to study for my Cal 2 test. Around 9:30, I was watching some movie, about Killer Bees. I think it was called The Invasion of the Killer Bee Nightmare... something like that. I know it had "Nightmare". Then rubbed some Vicks on my chest and neck and covered my whole body with my blanket (It worked pretty well!). I had alot of dreams last night, too. I was able to control some of them. In our Psychology class our teacher told us ways in how we can tell if we are dreaming or not. If you spin around, and the scene changes then you're in a dream. If you look at a word, and look away for awhile, then look back and see that the word is different, then you are in a dream. After you find yourself in a dream, you can take control of some stuff.


Monday, February 19, 2001
*cough.... sniff... gag*

I'm been sick all this weekend. On Friday I brought my sister with me to school and she followed me all day. I tried to some Krispy Kream Doughnuts. I knew I was sick since Friday, but I didn't think it would be this bad. On Saturday, I called in Christian to work for me. I only got 2 hours of work on Saturday. Went home and slept till noon and watched TechTV all day... well, practically. Watched Kirk play Oni, worked on some of the graphics for this blog. On Sunday, I got 5 hours of work because I got so tired. Watched the Lakers game and some XFL. Now I'm here at school. I want to go home and sleep.