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Friday, February 16, 2001
*in the dark*

The first thing I did yesterday, after lunch, was to pick up my sister from school and go back to Circuit City to return my Panasonic Shockwave Metal because I've decided on getting a MD player/recorder. That'll be months from now, though. I got all my cash back, too. I continued to work on the graphics and I made a lot of progress. I thought I would never get this to work. Another thing I'm so happy about, the new layout works with Netscape. I hope I can get it done over the weekend.

After watching Survivor (Damn it! Kick off Jerri! Don't you know she's only thinking about herself and no one else! I hate her so much after she accused Kel of eating beef jerky, even though it was a blade of grass. She did that because she knew that he had a good chance of winning.), I went to Escondido High School to pick up my sister from this Academic thing. I dropped her off at 4 and she hasn't called, so I went to look for her. It was dark... The music room was full of light and there was people inside, so I thought my sister was there. But it was the flag team. Then I heard loud music coming from the PAC. Ralph, Gene (security guards), and some other lady were guarding the door. "No way" shouted Gene, I replied with "Yes way"... it's a inside joke. Then these bikers(like 5-10 of them) came up to the PAC. Gene, Ralph, and the lady stepped out of their position and I walked into the PAC(hey, it was my only chance). I wanted to know what was going on and there were people dancing. Later, I learned it was the El Congresso dance. I went walking around to talk to people and see if they knew about the Academic thing (none of the security guards knew). I talked to some janitors and they were hell of a lot confused. I had to admit it was kinda fun. I tried to make it so no one spotted me (sort of like Metal Gear Solid). I ran all over the place. There were rooms that were well lit, but it was only occupied by the janitors. Later, I walk back to the front of the school, where I saw my sister and a bunch of people walking outside a bus. Maybe my sister should of told me it was not in the school, but somewhere else. She kept me worried. 4-9 without no call???


Thursday, February 15, 2001
*damn i forgot*

I forgot what I was going to post... Today I cooked eggs for breakfast, something extra add to our "sausage and rice" meal. For the past 2-3 weeks all we've been eating was sausages and rice. Last night I took a bunch of cookies home and some apple juice that were in these containers. I also took some cereal.

Oh I remember what I was going to say. Francis, you're only going to make $84 every paycheck if you want to work only weekends. You should at least work on Mondays. That's my only suggestion.

I'm going to start a wish list. Here's one of the stuff I want: MZR90 MD WalkmanŽ Recorder/Player


Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Yesterday there was a big @$$ accident going north on the 15. A semi-truck swirved to the left, blocking the middle lanes and it seemed as if it crashed into the back of a SUV and to many other cars. To the left shoulder there was about 5 cars (including a van) which had big dents on them. (Damn, I tried to make a ASCII drawing of the accident, but it didn't come out right. Anyways, that semi pushed about 5 cars into the left shoulder. As we pass the semi, there was another trailer that parked in the middle of the freeway (maybe he hasn't heard of parking in the shoulder). Then there were some cars that were parked on the shoulder (some look as if they were part of this accident. But one I find funny is, not too far away(like a football field) from the semi was a car that crashed into those metal railings in the right shoulder. I think two accidents happened all at once. There was the semi, which created a domino effect, and then a car crashed into right shoulder. I dunno. Also, there was another accident near the mall, which held back traffic. I think traffic started after the exit from Carmel Mt.


Tuesday, February 13, 2001
*first of all, i'd like to say "i'm sorry"*

I don't usually don't post on the night, but what the #e!!, ya know? I always wanted to know how hard it was to do the schedule. It may seem easy, but in fact it's hard. You have to be fair with the people and stuff. Today I did the schedule for the upstairs people. I thought it was easy, but then I had to add in Jeremy and Eduardo. They are now AL waitstaff and downstairs people (or Bi, inside joke). The hard thing about it is that you have to give people even amount of hours. I think I messed up on Eduardo's and gave him too many days off. Hope he enjoys them. I'll try and fix them.

Oh, on to the good and bad news. Let's go with the bad:

Ok, this whole paragraph is going to Francis. Tomorrow there is a manadotory meeting at 2:15. Fill up a survey and stuff. If you can't make it, then you're going to have to reschedule it. Talk to Laura. Also, if you read the title of this post, it says it all. Sorry, Francis, you lost your spot to work in the morning. Berta is taking over your spot. Your last day is... Saturday. Oh, she is already beening trained to work in the morning. Don't worry, just to cheer you up, I put you as section 20 for Fridays. (^_^)

Good news: You get paid 2 hours if you fill up the survey.

That's it for now.



I heard on the radio that Britney Spears turned down a scene where she appears topless. Instead she'll be wearing her underwear. Darn. Anyways, yesterday, went to the Commissary to buy breakfast for the next 12 days. It's these diet sausage links. They are alright. If you think if of it, it's 8 links for $0.69. Bought a bag of FunyUns and had that for lunch. I'm still working on the graphics for this blog, but it's so hard because I've got school inflicting with my free time. Oh well.


Monday, February 12, 2001
*The weekend*

This weekend was quite boring. Went to work, watched the all-stars game and worked on some stuff, I might put on this blog. Kind of funny how the All-Stars game ended up yesterday. West leading by 21 pts at the 2nd half of the 4th. Later the East win by 1 point. I was getting kinda sleepy watching the game, but when the East caught up, I was very wide awake. The Slam Dunk contest was kinda boring.