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Thursday, February 01, 2001

Nothing much happen yesterday. I stood in line to sell back my CS237 book, but they still wouldn't take it because they are overstock on the book. I bought a book for Biology 101 and I'm still trying to crash the class. Hope I get in.

Winter Break Highlight:
I remember the first day I played Tony Hawk Pro Skate 2 (the full version). It was that day when we got a huge group to go and play Laser Tag at Family Fun Center, but we got there a little late and it was closed. So instead we ate at Jack in the Box. I forgot what I ordered. Then we went to my house and Jeremy went back to his house to get some games. He brought over Virtual-On, Jet Grind Radio, and THPS 2. I was playing Quake 3 (the demo), until they started playing Jet Grind Radio and THPS2. The party lasted till 1 'o clock in the morning.


Wednesday, January 31, 2001
*Good start for today!*

Calc 2 was canceled for today, so I decided to blog... what else can I do for a whole hour?
I bought 4 Krispy Kream Doughnuts (2 for me, and 2 for Kirk). I had a coupon for a free small coffee with the order of 4 Krispy Kream Doughnuts. I think I found the difference between regular doughnuts and KKD. Some of them have an extra sugar glaze. Like I ordered a chocolate doughnut and it also had an extra glaze. That was good!

Winter Break Highlight:
Well, if you look back at my past blogs, I've been trying to get this matress from Wards, but since they were closing down, they refused to sell it to me. One of the ladies there told me to come back and try again. I did, I kept coming back day after day and still they refused. I told them that I wanted to by the "floor model", but they still refused. I don't get it, why display the floor model if you're not going to sell it. When they had their liquidation sale, they let me have it for $20 cheaper. I like the bed, I think I sleep better in it than my old bed.


Tuesday, January 30, 2001
*Back to school*

First day of school was the best, of course. All we did was nothing. My calculas teacher seems pretty cool. As for my, Philosopy teach, he seems alright, and my NEW Psychology teacher is awesome. She's so active and does cool activities that keep you awake. What's so good about Krispy Kream Doughnuts? I hear alot about them and stuff. Though, when you eat it, the doughnut has the same taste as others. Yesterday was their grand opening here in SDSU and they almost sold 750 dozen. What I don't get, is why are they so popular when they taste like regular doughnuts?


Monday, January 29, 2001
*I'm back!!!*

I havent' been blogging for quite some time because my winter break was all mundane. It went like this. I'd either be playing Quake 3: the demo, or working on my cabinets. After I got done with the cabinet, my brother gave me his x-mas gift (Yup, it was a late x-mas gift), Quake 3 and Team Arena. Then I started to play that all, of a sudden, once Jeremy came over with Tony Hawk Pro Skate 2, I got hooked on that and bought the game. My vacation went like this... It started with me taking my sister to school, came home and played either Quake 3, or THPS 2. Fix up lunch, go to work, or play more of Quake 3 or THPS 2, or help my dad with stuff. To sum it up, my vacation was boring. There was nothing to do, it was the same thing. There was some highlights, though.

*At my work, I was accused of poisioning one of the resident's water. It was Mrs. Gilbert, who was hell of alot made (for some reason). Nothing much happened.

*When I went to pick up my sister from school, there was this stupid @$$ who decides to cross the street when I was very near-by. It was close that I went from 45 to 20 MPH. He was wearing an army vest and some other old crap. He was about 40-50 years old. Another thing, there was a cop near-by(was parked on the sidewalk) and he didn't see it. Anyways, when I was going back home after I picked up my sister, the same dumb person decides to cross the street again, this time I came to a complete stop and he gave me the peace sign. "What's up with that?" The cop was still there and he did nothing.