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Sunday, December 31, 2000
*waiting till the new year*

This morning I woke up late, I was up watching the extra disc from the Gladiator DVD. Francis worked today in the morning, too. It also made working easy. During lunch, we passed out hats and horns. After that, I had did my little tradition thing, which was to get everyone fired up by getting the residents blow their horns. Then we got all the residents to blow their horns all in the same time. That, I didn't do last year, but I got the residents blowing into their horns. Wonder what would of happened if Mr. Olsen still lived there? Um... had a very huge lunch that I skipped dinner. Lots of fried chicken, yum. Umm... I beat Kirk in a "rock, paper, scissors" game for shotgun. When I came home I started to sand my desk. So suddenly, I started to work on my SD Gundam Double X model, which I haven't touched since the end of the Summer Olympics. I hardly did anything. Watched "The Patriot", which is a pretty good movie. Then I'm here posting in my blog, which I try to do daily, but forget about it now. I wonder if there is a "Y 2001 bug"?