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Saturday, December 23, 2000
*Today sucked...*

Today was the first time working with Christian. He's pretty cool! I didn't find anything wrong with him. Mr. Anderson got all mad and screamed, "Why don't you get some help!" Janet (the nurse) kept asking me if I needed help. No I don't need help (damn it!). She blames me for Mr. Anderson complaining! He wasn't in my damn section. Later it was cool because he said he was sorry. I told him it was ok because people are like that in the morning. I actually feel asleep in the damn break room. I was so happy afterwards.

Went to the mall (with Jenny) and, of course, visited Maribeth first. Nothing cool happened. I splitted with Jenny at JC Penny. Then I thought since I was there, might as well look for Brenda. Look around and SHE WAS THERE! I didn't want to approach her and say hi, I wanted to do something that I do to everyone, especially Mari Tess. I found Edith's present and approached her from behind and asked something about the present. Talked a little. Lucky me because I found her just when she was going to leave. She was also going to meet up with Ruthie at Red Robbins in 15 mins. I waited at Red Robbins (looked around, like at Wherehouse, see where I can use my $20 gift certificate) and Brenda appeared. First went to Sun Coast. She wanted to buy one more present, but didn't find any. Went back to Red Robbins to met up with Ruthie and her friend (I know her name, but I can't spell it, or even try). We were seated. The first thing I said to Ruthie was "Do I know you?" (^_^) Anyways, they all had presents for each other. They talked to each other A LOT, I couldn't talk to any of them... I didn't even know what to talk about anyways. I got to ask some questions, but I didn't even want to bother them with their conversation. Our waiter, Tash, was cool. He gave us soda. The girls ordered food and I didn't, it was expensive. They also opened their presents. I was amazed at what they got each other. Brenda and Ruthie got CD players. The other girl got a Glass Chess Set (funny it's not even glass). I was like "Damn, the most I've spent on any of my friends is like $30 on one present!" The sad thing was like I felt like I didn't belong in the group. It was like the wrong time to met up with them(Oh well). So I left, leaving $2.25 for the soda and tip.

Went to Walden Books to met up with my sister. She was late. I actually got to read some books. Went to visit Mari Tess. She had her 10 minute break and intentionally kept kicked my bags(j/k). We went to Macy's to look for a purse I was planning to get my mom. They were way over my limit! $70 and above. I was expecting $20, like in JC Penny. After that my sis and I were looking around. Then I said screw it, my mom don't need a bag, but some clothes. Went to Sears and found a lot of clothes that were on sale. I also picked up something for my dad. The total was about $71 and I was overcredited with my Visa. (Noooo....) Good thing I had $37 in cash. I bought half of my mom's present. I'm so mad because I wanted to buy the rest all at once. I didn't even get that one long sleeve shirt for my dad.

After the mall, I went to the bank to get some cash. Went home, ate, folded clothes, then went to Blockbuster. Rented one DVD, Defender (with Jet Li). And now I'm blogging. I can't wait to see what my dad got for me. Sucks I'm going to get it at the end of this month. I'm hoping he got what I think he got. Just hoping.


Friday, December 22, 2000
Hey, you guys that want to watch D&D: the movie? Screw that, let's watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! I'm up for grabs!

We almost got to finish my new bed. Just need to finish sanding it. What else... oh, work was a pain in the @$$. Service was hell of alot slow. I was working my butt off, too! I was working so fast. Francis had to go down to the big freezer to get some ice cream(Nancy screamed at him for robbing the downstair's ice cream). We also asked Jeremy to clock us out, but he told us to help him finish setting up. Francis and I wanted to go to the mall and finish Christmas shopping. Went home to change and got to the mall around 7:30, the same time we get out at work. It sucked, too because all the stupid stoplights we encountered turned red (except one). The first thing we did was go to Starbucks. Wait... opps... we visited Maribeth. It was cool because we actually found all the N's in one of the paintings (with the help of Maribeth). Then it was Starbucks. I got a Ice Cafe Mocha ($2.50). It was ok. Went to JC Penny and went Christmas shopping, too. I wanted to buy a purse for my mom, but I wasn't good for shopping for purses, so I wanted to look for my ex-co-worker, Brenda. I asked around and the first guy told me she could be at the bed department, or she probably left. Went there and asked around, and they said she was in the bath and bed department. Anyways, didn't find her. Sucks, now I don't know which purse to get. I got my dad a bag ($20). Went to Comics N Stuff and I bought a "How to Draw Manga Comic" ($5). Went looking around for other people, couldn't find any. Final stop was at Sanrio for some friends. After that went home... actually went to Blockbuster to get a DVD Rental Pass. I don't like the way it works. Rent 1 DVD for 30 days. If you miss a day, too bad, you can't recover it. The sucky thing it was for my dad and mom as a present. Christmas is like 4-5 days away? So, we're going to rent old movies that last for 5 days so it'll be in good use. I'm just kinda mad I didn't get to meet up with Brenda. The guy I asked said she could of just left. Instead of looking for "N"s in that painting, I could of met up with her. Maybe she's avoiding me? Oh well, there's always another time.

Thursday, December 21, 2000
Today, all I did was work on my new bed. We started Monday and practically near done. Spent a bunch of time sanding. I got to smoothen out the corners. It looks nice. I then spent a 2 hour nap. I'm so awake. Wish I didn't take that nap.

I have hardly anytime to work on the next lesson#2 of Javascript 199. If you haven't tried out lesson#1, follow the link on the previous blog. I'm almost done with lesson#2, it's just I need to get some pictures.


Tuesday, December 19, 2000
Damn it I did blog, but the connection timed out and it didn't save my previous blog. I'm just going to make this short. Blogger is slow today. I can't visit Jay's, nor mine. Anyways, today was cool because we had people that sang Christmas songs. That kept the residents in a positive attitude, and today was a debut back into working at RTC in the night. I'm glad the residents were in a positive attitude. I even had to take one of Edith's tables, but it was all easy. I had lots of fun. Yesterday, in the RTC gift exchange I got a $20 gift certificate from the WhereHouse. I also got one of my Javascript lessons done. If you know HTML and want to get into Javascript, here's something you should check:
Javascript 199: lesson# 1.

Sunday, December 17, 2000
I didn't blog yesterday because nothing interested happen. In fact, only one thing, I started my first lesson on "How to Javascript". Today, I started working more on it. I'll put it up when I'm done. I guess that's it. I hope I can be done with it today, I'm almost through. Also, I forgot to mention something that happened in the party. There was this couple that was dancing in the floor by themselves. The guy screwed up and made a fool out of both of them. Anyways, the woman came near our corner where we were "chilling" and Marlene (I think) kept on laughing. The woman was so pissed and said "It's not funny." Everyone in our corner was quiet. Then she kept looking back and said something. Later she flicked us off, or I think it was Eddie. If she were to do that, then she should of gone to the DJ's mic and said "**** you everyone!" because everyone else was laughing.