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Friday, December 15, 2000
*Stress Reliever*

While writing this blog, I just notice something... all of this happened in one day! It seemed as if it were 5 days or something.

I don't know where it all started. Yesterday, I studied so late, around 6, that I had to stay up to 12 studying. When I arrived at school, I wanted to eat at the College Dinner but it was closed (I was mad, that ruined my fun). I walked around, not thinking about the test. I walked down to Storm hall(from East Commons) and back up. For those that don't know SDSU, you go down this steep hill. Walking back up is a pain in the @$$. Then I took the test, my History final. I don't know how I did. I don't know where the fun started? I think the fun started when I dotted my last period. It's an essay final. Very long. I went to sell my books. I made about $25 bucks for my history book and 0 for my CS book. They weren't excepting it, because I guess they were overstocked. Wait until next semister, I was told. I bought an SDSU beanie at the bookstore and found $0.50 in the lockers (only Edward would know what I'm talking about).

Went to National City Exchange. My brother was looking for a DVD player for my parents. I think my brother is going overboard with their present. He was waiting to ask the clerk there for some help, but he was busy talking to many other customers. I looked around, played PSX2 (Armored Core 2). I suck at that game. Played Driver 2 for PSX 1, but the X button (which was the accelerator) didn't function right. Then there was this guy demonstrating this blender. He had samples, too. I got to taste a fruit juice, vege soup, and coffee mocha (yum). I looked around so more, played with the GHETTO computers. Then it was 12:00 that we left. I think we got there around 10:30. DUDE, my brother justed wanted to ask a simple question, but the DUDE was too damn busy with some other DUDE and wouldn't bother talking to my brother(Ha! Triple Dude! It's an inside joke.)!

Went to SD Tech Books down on Clairemont Mesa. Read some books, got a book and some quick reference DHTML thing. Pretty cool.

Went to the Miramar Exchange. I stayed inside the truck reading the book I bought, while my brother went looking around. I feel asleep somewhere in the freeway. Got home around 2. Started on some Flash stuff. Then went to RTC to pick up my X-mas bonus. Made $236 and $50 gift certificate for Ralphs. Oh yeah, Chris went with us, too. Francis came on time to pick up his bonus, too. So we had our little posse. Jay, Kirk, Francis, Chris, and I. It was a very big adventure for us.

First, we stayed and ate some cookies and danishes. Yum! I played with Maria's baby. So far we're enemies, but we'll soon get to become common friends. I won shotgun. Then went to Francis' and Chris' bank. Messed around a little. I called shotgun(and it's DAMN true), but it ended up into a tournament where I lost. All these old people did stupid stuff to Jay while he was driving. Went to my brother's and my bank. Some bastard took Jay's parking (stupid @$$), so I told Jay to meet up at his bank. I stayed in line for quite some time to deposit my bonus. Met Long and talked to him about finals. That was one thing I should avoid. Stop thinking about finals. Jay's bank was walking distance and so was the post office. That's where Kirk went after he deposit his money. I went to Jay's bank and delivered the message. I called shotgun (which Jay didn't hear), then Francis won because he called it. When we got there it was so packed(it's just the holidays). Francis went to Ross for awhile. Chris and I were walking around. Chris bought a Sobe across the street. Francis came back. Jay and Francis bought some Sobes. When it was time to go home, I called shotgun (^ ^).

When we got home, Chris came over to play some Silent Scope for Dreamcast. I was busy working on some more flash. Then Francis came over. We then played Chu-Chu Rocket. I won! Jay came over followed by Nancy. They left before us. It was 7, so we headed to the party. Jeremy went, too, which was cool.

When we arrived there was a table already for us. We ate some potatoes, roast beef, and turkey. Then we talked for awhile. Let me introduce the people in the table: During dinner: Maria, her bf, Liz, her bf, Francis, Jeremy, Kirk, Edith, Neomi, and me... oh and Eduardo. After that, a bunch of people left and it was Francis, Jeremy, Kirk, and me... oh and Jay and his gf(Nancy) came back. For those that know some of the people, most of them are my co-workers at work. Francis started throwing stuff and then this constant war went on. The people that left gave me there tickets for the door prizes. I went looking around and surprised to find Marisol, Rosie, Becky, and Marlene (i think that's how you spell it).

***The fun part***
When they were giving out prizes, we would pay close attention to the winners and our numbers. I actually won! 734929... When it was announced I heard "929". I recalled seeing those numbers and it matched my ticket. Though there was also the possiblity it was 735929. But it wasn't. I won some coffee products, yum. When people from Redwood Town Court would win, we went nuts. This party had several other facilities, such as Redwood Terrace. It was funny when people would win from our table. Jay started screaming, and so did Francis. I clapped loud. One time Francis yelled, "I can't hear you!" Since I was sitting next to him, I thought I had gone deaf, or did Francis, shut everyone up? It was silent... I mean very silent. I broke it by laughing. Though, we tried to get RTC all the fame and stuff. Oh, then we had a grand finale drawing. The table behind us won the woman's side. They tried to beat our screaming (I guess they did... come on, can a bunch of guys beat a bunch of girls in screaming?). Then Kirk won the guy's side prize. He was King of something. But, we went nuts. Extremely nuts. Then they made a couple of statements. When RTC was mentioned, guess what? We went (ok, I'll stop using nuts) bonkers!

After that it was the dance. It sucked for awhile because the dance floor was packed so we sat there for awhile. Then I was dragged in to dance. I danced with Marisol and Rossie. Eddie danced with Becky(who supposively was suppose to be my dance partner, but I dunno what happened). We also got our last spot to chill from last year(the corner of the room). I sucked at first, but got a little better. I dunno, do I suck? Hit my g-book, if you saw how I dance. I danced all night. The last dance was fun... though slow. It was only Jay and Nancy, Eddie and Becky, Edith and Francis, and Rossie and I. We were messing around bumping into each other. It was then over.

I guess it was better than last year. I danced alot last year, but I guess there was cool peole like Francis, to get the hype up. Went home after that, and went straight to blogging. It was a very busy night and I can't believe that happened in one day. When was the stress over? Was it when I inserted the last dot to end the sentence in my test? Was it when I recieved my bonus? Was it the bite I took from that juicy roast beef? I dunno, but all I can say is...

I'm glad it's over. Wait... today is a new day... Today is the start of a new start. The start of my vacation.


Wednesday, December 13, 2000
*Finally, home sweet home!*

I finally get to eat breakfast at home. It was ok... scrambled eggs. Anyways, I'm way to busy on History. I'm still not done with my project (book review). Also, I was so tired of hearing "recount". This morning, when my sister turned on the TV, it woke me up and I hear Matt Laurer (from the Today show) announce that "George W. Bush is the president of the US". That was the first thing I heard when I woke up. Just yesterday, I was thinking what would Gore say in his consession speech?


*As Gore steps up to the podium. He fixes his tie and he clears his throat. As sweat comes down his forehead he takes a sip from his glass of water. The moment he lay his fingers off the glass he reaches into his suit. A white piece of paper is drawn from his new suit he bought with the tax payer's money. As he unfolds the paper he looks across the crowd. The bright light from the news cameras annoyed him to death. He finally thought, "I can't believe it's over." Then he started... his consession speech.*

I... (*pauses*) Al Gore, vice-president of the United States... (*pauses*)



Heehee... it was funnier when I did in person. I'm just glad this whole race is over. I hate hearing "supreme court", "florida", "recount", "bush", "gore", "ballots", and the worse, "hand count". Come on, that was way back in the days when there wasn't as money people that voted. But now that we have the technology, we have to do a "hand count". Once I get to 199, I'll be asleep.


Tuesday, December 12, 2000
I couldn't stop! I just had to make another movie.


If you're wondering what the movie means, it really means nothing. It's just too much exposure to Psychology. The papers are written by someone who suffers schizophrenia, I guess.


Opps... I'm suppose to be working on my History project. Instead I got another Flash movie done. It's based off the Mr. Fujisawa movie but I added more to it. Enjoy.

Fujisawa talks (again)

**To Flash designers**
Check it out! No Motion Tween! This took about 4 hours to do because I had to do some research. I need to find pics of Mr. Fujisawa. Also, drawing can be hard. I got another arm symbol, which you don't see, but'll I'll use it later.


*Baka baka baka*

I'm so dumb! I should of studied a lot more. Psychology test was hard. How the hell am I suppose to cram 150 pages in my head! 5 chapters (14-18... sort of looks like 4, eh?) that are each 30 pages long! Damn teacher should at least tell us specific topics that we should study! I pretty much failed that class.

Now it's just History 100. I hope I can do better than I did with Psychology! Now I don't have to go to school. I can't wait until Friday. It's going to be a very fun day! I'm going to sell all my books, school is over (Damn you, Ed! You got out of school early!), I get my bonus, and the RTC X-mas party. How fun!!! I already sold my Psychology book (for $22 *cha-ching*). Oh, breakfast was $1 coffee and $1.19 donut. Today I went to the arcades with Ed and played Street Fighter Alpha 3. I beat him 2-1. Heehee... you're better in Marvel vs. Capcom, though. I can never beat you. Well, I'm finally getting back to Flash. About time. Keep posted for new files!


Monday, December 11, 2000
*0 to 170*

Yup, I got all mad over my teacher giving me 0 points on my project when I got 170 points. The highest was 200 pts. Though, I don't get why my friend got all the points when his program didn't work as well as mine. I couldn't concentrate on studying for CS237. I was so dissappointed. I took the final with little practice. But I now am happy because I got my 170 pts. I did ok on the final. Now I'm studying hard for Psychology. I guess I got it somewhat down. Today ate blueberry yogurt for breakfast(from home). Then I started to work on my overdue project. It was 1/2 hour before CS237 final started that I got it down. 2 down and 2 more to go! And the next one is almost around the corner. I can't wait! I just want to get it over with.


Sunday, December 10, 2000

Today is the biggest turning point in my life. I got a BIG FAT ZERO in my CS237 Project. I feel so dissappointed now. You don't know how much it bothers me. It's so hard to study now. It discourages me so much that, I feel like dropping out of Computer Science. I talked to my dad about switching to Graphics Communication. Well, he gave me some good advice about sticking with the major I'm in now. So I don't know what to really do. I feel so disappointed, I can't type. Why am I blogging... maybe to relief a little of my stress and all.

My project worked perfectly. It's just the way he graded it. He made it crashed which therefore results in a big fat zero. Err... help! I want to move to Graphics Com. I dunno... As of now, I don't see myself in the future with Computer Science. I'm so confused now. I wish SDSU had Graphics Com. I'm starting to hate Computer Science. Well, I have to study now. Later!