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Saturday, December 09, 2000
*I hate bloggin on Saturdays*

It's just slow. Anyways... I was planning on eating breakfast in the Diner today, where I used to eat. I would order Scrambled eggs, 2 pieces with toast (I love the jam), and hash browns for $2.29, but they were closed so instead I shifted to a Chocolate Chip Monster Muffin and some Coffee(with lots of Cinamon Hazelnut creamers... damn, no Butter Pecan. By the way, it was $1). Today was my Calculus final. I woke up so damn early! Couldn't go back to sleep. I did pretty ok, I guess. What sucked was that, it was harder than the ones before. I did the previous exams from the last semisters and they were easy. My teacher admitted it was hard. I omitted some questions, but I did some work to get some credit.

After the exams, my brother and I went to work to visit Jay and all of them. I ended up make 40 copies of the menus. The copying machine was retarded and it took me forever (more than an hour) to copy them. The thing jam up at times and there was no paper. (to the people that work at RTC, 2nd floor) Sorry if the menus look retarded, I was in a hurry. After that I made a QBASIC program in that 25Mhz computer (in Rennie's office) that can calculate your paycheck. Too bad no one doesn't know how to run, but me. HAHA!

Then I decided to help Jay and Marisol clean up the dining room and set it up. Then Marisol told me that I look different (i guess from my brother, or because I was wearing street clothes). Then I came up talking about if I wasn't so "childish" I would be like my brother (serious and all). Let me get out of subject here...

What if I wasn't so childish? I would almost be an identical twin to my brother. He's serious, gets mad easily, and he does have his childish side, but not as much as me. Then I thought more on that subject. Well, I've come to the conclusion that, I would be more than my brother. Imagine if I was serious (that would be hell). My friend, Chris, told me one time that I was serious after a certain event. After he told me that, I pulled back my immature side. How much he made me realize that I had to get out of that "serious trance". I was silent, I didn't care about anything, and I just thought of myself. I didn't listen to others, and jokes were nothing but senseless stories to me. If I wasn't so childish, I would make no friends, in fact, I would lose friends. I have to admit, I lose my temper easily, but I can hold in because I'm happy like a child.

Anyways... I finally got to try RTC's own Chicken Pot Pie. My rating? 3 1/2 stars out of 5. I have to give them credit. Also, I'm glad I skipped work today, it was "Club Sandwich Day" (HAHA). I was supposed to be home at 12, but I got home at 2:30 and studied Psychology. At 6, started CS237. I'm still studying. I'm going to stay up late tonight. I dunno.

*speaking out loud*

You know what? I'm not that smart. It's true. You may think I am because I'm going to San Diego State University, majoring in Computer Science. I'm just another stereo-type person if you think I'm smart. Read my past blogs, there are lots of errors in spelling and grammer. Do I use sophisticated words(Seriously, I had to go to just to make sure I was using it right)? I took the assessment test in Platt College and I just barely passed (a score of 17/50. Though, you only have 12 mins to answer them, too). I have low scores in my SAT that I have to use the excuse "All I know is that I got a low score." I know my score, it's just I don't say it. Am I glad with the scores I got? Of course not. Some may ask, how are you getting a B in Calculus? How am I? It's through practice.

I've got to thank my Cal. teacher, Mr. Menegus. He's inspired me to realize how to suceed in school. He says that the reason why teachers are so good at what they teaching is through practice. Why do math teachers keep using the same Math books every semister? Because they've been practicing the problems over and over, that they get used to it. It becomes a habit. How'd I get through Calculus? By practicing. How much did I study? A little. How much did I practice? A lot. Studying is done by knowing the formulas and understanding how it works and how you apply it. Practicing is taking a piece of paper and doing the math. I don't look at the problems and try to memorize the methods on how to apply into the problem. I take a piece of paper and do it step by step. I look at my notes to see if I'm doing it right. Soon I started to pick up abilities in Math. I do the same thing CS237. After taking a shower this morning, I started practicing some problems. I didn't study them, I did the math.

Where am I getting at? Jay stated on December 8, before 1:31 AM, "you know i wished i could just mess 'round with flash for a whole month and get to know the program better. mark's getting to do more flash than i am. and that sux, coz his $#!+ is totally cool! hey mark, you should show me how to do some of that cool stuff!". Jay, you don't need a month. Look at what I did. It took me a week to become proficient in Flash. How'd I do it? Sure I did some studying. I had to read the book to know how to use it. I went to some web pages for some tips. I bought some more books, but I didn't read it all? Does that mean you should spend time and money to build good movies like mine? I only read 4 chapters in the Flash Bible and 1 chapter in Hillman's book. I looked through those sites you gave me. You have the same sources I have, but your lacking one thing... and that's practice (and imagination). How did I get those letters to twist and turn? How did I get the motion tween to work? Do I know how to use the motion guide? No, but I have an idea. If it doesn't work, then I'll experiment until I get it. Then I'll practice with making little movies. Those movies you see one the side are movies I build for practice. There are numerous movies I didn't post because I didn't save them. Why? It was all for practice. You have more experience then me? You know, if you're going to Platt you're going to have to change how you do things. Why? The lady there told me everything about it. I've experienced it. Projects with dead lines. My CS classes all had dead lines and I never waited till the last day to work on them. One thing that made me sad was that this women started to work on her CS projects because all of them were due on the last day. She had never logged on to her account before (I have ways of telling because I saw her password and she never changed it). Well, those are my comments. I've never realized how much I posted.
*end of subject*

One other thing. I really am going to make a school. Those that are interested view the School Intro for information. If you're reading this comment, it must mean you PROBABLY read all the garbage above and I'd like to thank you for doing so. Sorry, I have to go and study. I could go on, but people have to use the computer.


Friday, December 08, 2000
*hero for today*

I should be rewarded for today. Here's the story:
Today, my bro, sis, and I went to RTC to pay for our entrance to the Christmas party our company is holding. Anyways, my sister was hungry and wanted some ice cream. Ok, I confess, we all went upstairs (when we weren't suppose to) to get some ice cream. When I checked what ice cream they had, I had seen that the ice machine was turned off and that most of the ice was near melted. So I turned it back on. Yup. That's why I should be hero for today.

I got bored. I felt like making another flash movie. It's a "Now loading..." movie so nothing will appear afterwards.

Now Loading


If you have time, view all my flash movies and go to the message board and tell me which Flash movie you like. Thanks!

Like I said, I got a $.99 Almond Poppyseed Monster Muffin. Yummy.

*Bent out of shape*
Yesterday, I decided to take a look at the books in the Science department in the Love Library (Library's name in SDSU). Well, all the science books were located on the fifth floor. Once I took my last step off the stairs, it felt like I ran a mile. I'm so out of shape. I wonder if I eat Monster Muffins for a year, will I lose some pounds?

I studied yesterday after finishing a Flash movie (the Mr.Fujisawa) till SmackDown! came on. Now I'm 80% ready for my Calculus Exam.


Thursday, December 07, 2000
I love flash so much! Here's another project I was messing around with.

Mr. Fujisawa

Here's another one I had stored in my D drive for quite some time:

Fujisawa (beta)


*final's schedule*

From 4 to 8, yesterday, I studied for half of the Calculus Exam. How ready am I? About 60%. I've got today and tomorrow to study till the big test. Here's my final's schedule:

Saturday: Calculus
Monday: CS237(Assembly Language)
Tuesday: Psychology
Friday: History

Isn't that cool! I get Wednesday and Thursday off, to help me prepare for my History class. I'm so glad! I'm also going to sell my books on Friday. Please reach over $100!


Breakfast: $0.79 Hostess Blueberry Muffin. My brother bought a Almond Poppyseed Monster Muffin. I got a little sample and I thought it was good. I'll buy that one tomorrow. I've noticed something, I love muffins(and donuts, but they expensive). If you read my past blogs you'll see "Hostess Muffin" or (my favorite) "Monster Muffin". At work, I would go to the place where they store the cookies and muffins. Everytime, I would get a muffin. Maybe I got this strange addiction over muffins because it's more bigger than a cookie. Before I would take a cookie everytime I work, but now they have boring cookies and more delightful muffins (blueberry muffins... yum).

Wednesday, December 06, 2000
Ok, I'm only 90% complete on this, but you can check it out.

School Intro


$0.99 Monster Muffin (apple)... not too good, it was alright, in fact.

The mouse on this computer sucks. It has the scroll in the middle but it doesn't work. I finished another Flash project, but I didn't have enough time to post it up. I'll get to it later.


Tuesday, December 05, 2000
*i finally got some rest*

I didn't bring my Psychology book to class today so I decided to sleep in class. I slept sitted up because our class is a big lecture hall. If you haven't been to one, your desk is smaller than your book. Teacher is so boring.

At work today we tried to get done early (tried to beat our old record), instead we were done around 6:16. Damn, close. Also, one of the old RTC (Redwood Town Court) waitstaff came back, Marisol. She was a morning waitress. Now she works as a nurse. I didn't even know she was around until today. She told me she started since last Monday. I also told her to visit from time to time.

Nothing else...


$1.19 Donut filled me up for today. It's the same one I've been buying for this semister. It actually didn't fill me up, it made me sick in the stomach.

Monday, December 04, 2000
*opps, i did again*

I forgot to blog for yesterday, again. Here's what happened on Sunday:

My nose was now clear (Ya!) but the liquid boogers went down my chest. I can feel it. Now my coughs are getting worse. Went to work. Breakfast went alright. Lunch was a pain in the @$$ because of a certain resident (Mrs. Herring). She made a scene about her sandwich(now I'm starting to sound like Edith)! She wanted a "toasted turkey salad sandwich". I gave her a sandwich with some Turkey, mayo, lettuce and toasted the bread (which is what a "toasted turkey salad sandwich" should be). Later after she had taking a few bites, she said she wanted a "toasted turkey salad sandwich". I was thinking, "Are you blind! It's right there!" I was scared that she had lost her mind! Her comment was,"You guys should read what I wrote on the menu." (Residents get a piece of paper with the choices of food on it. They circle what they want and write stuff on it, like if they want Ice cream they write "Ice Cream") Rosa (the hostess) and I were so confused. We spent 3 minutes arguing with her. I guess what she wanted was more than just the turkey, mayo, and lettuce. I don't know what she was arguing about, but it led no where. Later she apoligized(for wasting my precious time! I still needed to serve the Gallirini's!). Edith and I raced. She beat me, by a couple of seconds. I have my reasons, but I'm not going to argue. I beat you last time! (heehee).

Jay and Kirk tried to close the door on me in the big fridge we have at our work. It's really really really cold down there. The size? It's just big that you can park your car in it, if the door was big enough and there weren't those shelves on the sides. Here's what happened. We had to get some juice for the juice machine. Well, it was way in the back and Jay went in to pick out the juices they needed. Kirk would go in to retrive it and go back out to load it on to the cart. I was there to watch. After doing this for a couple of times, Kirk told me to get the last one. I figured that this was a stupid way to lock me in. Jay picked out the last cranberry box for me to pick up and he had some other box. Here's their plan:
While I went all the way to the back to pick up the cranberry box, Jay would run past me and out, then they close the door on me.
Here's my plan:
Hold Jay(push him back if possible), get the box and run out as fast as possible.

Well, half of my plan worked. I held Jay back to get me a little advantage. When I grabbed the box and ran towards the exit, I knew it was impossible to get through. So I went to plan B: sacrifice the cranberry box. I did a granny toss and the cranberry box slid across the icy floor and stopped the door from closing and I jumped through(it was perfect timing). Thinking of it now, what if the cranberry box didn't make it? I dunno, I would of lost an arm or a leg.

*NOTE: if someone sees an error, email me. I'm in a hurry here and no time to edit my post.

Worked on some more Flash. I got 1/3 done, I'll post it up when I'm finish. It's a new intro to my upcoming NEW web page. Tess came over to get some book, but instead I tried to help her out in her CS program. I did little help and she stayed over and played some games on Neopets. After that, worked on more Flash.

End of Sunday.