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Saturday, November 25, 2000
i'm still "Shotgun King"

I downloaded Netscape 6. It's pretty cool. Anyways...

Work was a pain in the butt this morning. One of the residents, Ms Miller(who hardly knows how to speak English), refused almost everything we gave her. I showed her a cart full of food and all she wanted was the grapefruit, but she wanted something else, but we couldn't tell what she was saying.

Anyways, when we got home from work, Chris and Jay came over. I beat Jay in Virtual Striker (a soccer game for Dreamcast) and other games such as San Fransico Rush 2040 and Rock-paper-scissors. We then went to the mall where I bought the new DragonBall Z movie($14) and bougth a new shirt ($32) with Sanosuke(some person from Ruroroni Kenshin) on it. I called Shotgun a little early because I thought we were leaving. Then Chris said he'll let us know when we can call shotgun. Once we step into the dark, he said it was ok, then Jay and I called it at the same time. We payed "Best out of 3, Rock-Paper-Scissors". I won, 2 out of 2 games. Sorry Jay. Today wasn't your day to go one on one with me. Maybe some other day. Also, if you think about you beat me in a couple of games in San Fransico Rush.


Friday, November 24, 2000
Oh $#!+!!!! I lost all my e-mail... and e-mail addresses. If you know me well please e-mail me, thanks!

at least we have the internet

Last night, my friend, Chris came by to see what was going on. He goes to Santa Barbara, so we hardly get to see him. Anyways, we also formatted our hard drive. Our burner wasn't working, so we thought the best solution was to format(Did everything else). Back up some of our stuff onto our other hard drive.

Anyways, I was up till 4 playing Shenmue and fixing up our computer. We got Windows ME installed. It's ok, I guess. I wake up around 12. I actually got 8 hours of sleep!


Thursday, November 23, 2000
Well, I didn't get to update yesterday because I was too busy messing around with Flash. Anyways, I bought a Blueberry Monster Muffin for $0.99. Then I got a haircut for $6.

Here's the projects I got done so far:
Penguin Dance
My New Intro

Work was ok. I guess. Thanksgiving with no turkey... how sucky.


Tuesday, November 21, 2000
That is correct! You get 50 points!

When my brother woke me up this morning, I fell asleep in a minute. After he was done taking about he woke me up again. Opps! (got an extra 15 mins of sleep) Today, for breakfast was a Hostess Cream Cheese Muffin. I thought it was $0.89, but the guy said it was worth $0.79. I expected today to be a very very long day. Psychology was boring (as always). I feel so bored that I actually want to highlight one whole freaking page. It's very tempting. I got a very bad grade in my Calculas class (Makes me feel stupid for not studying). Then I had to wait for 1:00 to talk to my Comp. Sci. teach. It was 11:00, so I went to the computer lab, fool around there. Then I signed up for two Psychology experiments (one at 11:30 and the other at 12:30). The first one was through computer. There would be an animation of water filling up a tank. We had to guess how many hours it took fill up one tank. It was boring. Enough said on that. It wasn't 12:30, yet, so I went to the computer labs again. The next experiment was fun. We were reading this paper and then all of sudden some punk came in the room, wearing all black, and a beanie. He rushed in and rushed out (the room had 3 doors) and seemed very very mad. Everyone was like "what the ****!". The experimenter thought it was rude, too. Anyways, we filled up these forms asking "from a scale 1-6 (6 meaning very interested) how would you feel talking to:" a gardener, sailor, padre and there were more. Then they had more questions in the back. Next we had another questionaire to fill up. Another 1-6 scale type of thing (6 meaning very confident). Then the experimenter brought out a board with 6 pictures. They wanted us to identify the person who ran into (and out) the room. I only got a really quick glimpse of what he looked like. He looked more Mexican. All the pictures were non-Mexican. So I put a 5 on the "Not Shown Column". At the end, the guy came back in. I was wrong... he wasn't Mexican. Funny thing too is that he had a beard. Anyways, I found that very interesting.

Now I was anxious to talk to my CS teacher. I wanted my damn 50 pts! Went to his office... "Back in 5 mins". Damn! I can't wait a single minute! Then he came, in less than 4 minutes. I asked him what the thing was all about, my file beening public. (if you have no idea what's going on, read the previous post... which is November, 20, 2000)

In SDSU, we have school accounts. For some of us we have a main account and a class account (depending what class you take, you'll get a class account). Well, way back then when I was struggling to get my assignment done, I copied my assignment from my class account to my main account. I did this because I thought my class account wasn't working so well. My class account is private (meaning no one can view my files, only the teacher and grader) and my main account is public (meaning that person all the way in Zimbawe can view my files). My teacher has some way to view my main account and saw it was there. He considers that cheating because it shows that I could of been passing it on to other students(which I respect). I told him my story and he gave me my 50 points back (JOY!). We then made my main account private. I apoligize for all those nasty things I said in my previous post. But I still think that you are a stupid *beep* *beep* *beep* that *beep* those *beep* monkey's *beep* *beep* *beeeeeeeeep* retard because you didn't give me any credit on that question in the test (just kidding, you're still ok). Oh, before I went to talk to him, I had a little lunch. It was a $0.25 Fudge Cream Pie. It was "ok-good". I wasn't only hungry, I had a headache. A common cure for headaches is... Eat something! You'll see how much it helps. If it doesn't, then sleep. If both of them don't work(or none of them are avalible) then use Asprin. Everyone tells me that they have a headache. What? Am I a doctor? I always tell them to eat something.

What made my day worse was work. The debut of Mrs. Brown. Err... I hate her! She's a new resident who sits in the back section of the dining room (Section #20, for those who work there). I thought she was cool and all, until she pulled off a Mrs. Loffell (i can't spell it), which was order something then when it comes, say you didn't order it. I asked her if she was done and she responded back with some attitude (8|+<# *censored*). All of us ate at one of the tables and didn't start setting up until 6:40 (which is pretty damn late!).

I like to censor stuff I say in my Blog to respect those that are reading it. Some people are offended by seeing harsh, inapproriate words in the Internet. Besides, I want this to be a family viewed page (meaning, it's for everyone).


Monday, November 20, 2000
which road to take

I'm so mad! I don't know who to be mad at, too! My day went pretty well ok. I wore most of my new clothes I bought. Bought a $1.19 donut. Studied for the Calculus test, which I should of done last night. History class was ok. I did pretty bad in my Calculus test, I think. I didn't know what I was doing. Then came my computer science class.

Yesterday, I went to the class website to check my grades. I see that I got a 100(out of 200) on my assignment. I worked so hard into getting that damn program to work! Someone told me that if there's a number that's not a prime, he'll mark off a lot of points. When I go to class I get both my program and my test back. I get a 66 for my test (Bastard didn't give me a little credit on one of the questions! I got some of it right, too!). When I look at my program it says all these minuses and stuff (because it was late) and said "Program is public -50". I asked some people what that meant. Nobody knew. I also noticed that there's this score of 150 with a big X on it and below it is a big 100. I was so mad for the entire class session. Then I came up with this decision, I can either stay with Computer Science or Graphics Communication. I couldn't concentrate on what the retard(the teacher) was saying. I also thought he read my blog! I went up to him and talked to him after class. He said all these stuff, like I set my permissions to public (I'm hella of alot confused) and all this "ABC" crap(he said some letters and stuff which I didn't understand)! What made me mad is that he thought I was cheating and was going to send me to Judical Procedures(can't copy programs, or he'll send you to the school police)! Then he said to visit his damn office hours (1:00-4:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays).

I'll go visit him tomorrow, but I'm so confused (and mad). I get -50 points for doing nothing! I didn't fool around with the damn settings on my account! I don't even know $#|+(censored) about Solaris! He should put on the class website how to make sure my damn files aren't public! It would of been better if he made an assignment to set the files to private! (You stupid RETARD!!!!!!) So, what am I suppose to do now? I want my damn 50 points. I have a D right now because of this error which I didn't do! If I got those 50 then I would have a C. I also had the thought of someone hacking into my account. There's three people that can access my account: Me, the teacher, and the teacher's aide. I would be glad if he sent me to Judical Procedures! They'll probably let me go through a lie detector test. Even better, I'll put my hand on the Bible and swear to God that I didn't do anything to lose 50 points. Want me to make my files public, huh?! I'll post them on the web! How's that? I know you're reading this! You stupid *beep* *beep* *beep* that *beep* those *beep* monkey's *beep* *beep* *beeeeeeeeep* retard!

*calms down*

Ok bye!


Sunday, November 19, 2000
I feel broke (That's the title, if you didn't know. I should start putting titles now.)

Here's the story... after studying for 30 mins, I went back to work to sell some more tickets. My friend Jeremy wanted to come and also wanted a ride, so I helped him out, setup silverware, put out coffee saucers with the dollies, and all that junk. Got home at 6:30. Got to the mall at 7(sorry to all those I made mad). Got our little wrist bands(to show that you are part of this whole Westfield Works Wonders) and went off shopping! ^_^

First store was Miller's Outpost. With the wristbands 35% off EVERYTHING! That was the best offer in the mall... I think. Everything else was like %10-20. I didn't read the whole brochure. I spent most of my money and time in that place(and there's one major reason why). Knowing how much of a Trunks fan I am, I got another Trunks shirt and a kick ass long sleeve shirt (with Trunks). I got 3 pants (^_^, the last pair of pants I bought was.... 2 years ago). I'm also a big fan of DRAGONS (*hint* *hint* for those buying X-mas presents for me). I got this cool long sleeve Dragon shirt, but I didn't think I had enough money and put it away. Waited in line FOREVER!!! I actually sweated while standing still. Maybe I can loss fat by standing. I calculated the total to be $180, but with the discount it came out to be $110.27. I was happy... Damn, I want that Dragon shirt now, but I don't want to fall in line.

Went to the store near by to visit my friend, Tess. (*Tess, if you are reading this, sorry I couldn't buy you an ice cream, or drink. Miller just robbed me.*) After that went to Hot Topic. They had cool shirts, but there weren't any discounts.

Next stop was my other friend, Beth, who was the sister of Tess. I found an "N" in one of the paintings (*inside joke*)! Bugged Beth and her co-worker (Beth, if you're reading this, tell your co-worker that I'm sorry I was bugging her and I won't come back when you two are working, so I can get that 20% discount.) I want to buy a painting with a lot of N's in it. Those paintings aren't just decoration. It's a "Where's Waldo?" puzzle. You have to look at the paintings really hard (like a bird can form a "N") to find those N's. Got kicked out of the place. Sorry, I guess I was trying to get the 20% off one of the paintings. Actually, it was closing time.

Went walking around and went back to Tess's work. Talked and talked. I guess I bugged some of the workers. There wasn't that much customers anyways. Tess wanted me to do her assignment, but I feel bad about computer science now. I can't make a program that makes a calender! Today, I looked at my grades through the class website and saw I got "100 out of 200 points" in that program that finds primes. I hate my teacher, he's strict with the grades!!! He said (more like promised) that %50 of the students will fail. I told Tess, "I'm going to follow the footsteps of my idle, Jay. Go towards Graphics Com." (j/k, you ain't my idle ^_^) I think I'm taking the first steps Jay took... I work at the same place he does and I can't get out of it because it's a job I pretty much like. I was about to be a bust boy like Jay, but I rejected the offer. I'm also looking for an internship for Web Designing. Just like Jay. While I was talking to Tess, I was visually trying out the clothes. I WAS BORED. Actually, my sister would take some clothes and put them in front of me, to see how good it looked. Then I saw this see-thru shirt for $12! You get %10 off with the wrist band! But it was too small. One of the guys there closed us in. Later, I learned how to open to door after it was locked. My sister started the alarm (LOL!). Tess then vanished to finish her job and my sis and I were waiting for her to finish up. Some of the customers wanted to get out so I opened the door for them. After letting out the second customer out, one of the guys(actually I think it was the only guy) came up to me and asked if I was going to buy something. I told him I was waiting for Tess. He told me to wait outside for her (Actually, he was jealous because I took his job of opening the doors for the customers ^_^). I wanted to ask him if I can get a part-time job there, opening the doors for the customers, but I figured my sis would have to wait outside alone. We waited outside, but Tess didn't show up so we left (Sorry).

Met up with Tess's and Beth's parents, talk to them for awhile and my brother and Jeremy showed up. I wish I had money like Jeremy. The stuff he bought was over $200(and he works at the same place I do)!!! Went home and recorded my day's adventures. I know, somewhere in this post, is something I misspelled, or I missed a word, or my grammer is wrong. If you do find one, I'm sorry but I'm to tired to edit it and Blogger is going really really slow.


I finally get my Archives to work!!! I hate to explain how I did it. If you use Blogger, you'll know what I'm talking about. Click Archive and click "Archive all". I feel retarded.

Just another Sunday... Work, go home, do stuff.

This time, it's different. I'm going to the mall because they have some kind of special thing going on. It's the Westfield Works Wonders. I don't have money and I have to study.

I'm now part of a new blog, San Diego Comic Con Blog! Make sure to check that out, too.