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I haven't updated this part of my blog in a long time! Well, I've got a new layout in my mind... heehee. How far along am I to actually put it up? Probably a long time from now. I made two layouts, but I figured it wasn't going to work. Anyways, still on Layout 0.1 (beta).


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Saturday, November 18, 2000
Today I ate a record of 5 French toasts. I was hungry, plus they were good! ^_^ Work was OK.

Yesterday I found a website that gave you definitions to computer terms. I found it very useful. It's just I forgot the URL. I'm still looking for it.


Friday, November 17, 2000
Bought 2 packs of 4 batteries at the Miramar Exchange. It's the Energizer E2 (that's "e squared") for 4.29 each. Are those any good? Or is the Duracell Ultra better? Anyways, while getting the URL for the E2 batteries, I stopped by to enter in the contest. Hope I win something.

WWF Comment:
So, if Road Dogg stopped wearing his DX gear, does that mean DX is dead? That was the most coolest tag team there ever was in the WWF. Then it started to die off when Chyna turned bad (which was a long time ago). I hope DX isn't dead. Wait.. If DX dies off, then that Jersey they have in WWF Shop Zone will go down? Hmm... I'll keep a close eye on it.


Well, I still can't get my archives to work. Someone said to set it to "Monthly" then to "Weekly". Didn't work for me. Maybe if I turn it off and switch it back on.

Today's breakfast was worth 99 cents. It was a Chocolate Chip Monster Muffin. I thought it was good, better than that cinamon roll I had. My brother got the last blueberry muffin (*Damn*). I fed the birds, too. It was funny, when I stopped feeding them, they all left. Then when I took my last bite of the muffin, one of the birds came back. He(opps... sorry to assume it was a boy. I'll just call the bird "It") sat there, waiting patiently for me to leave, because of the crumbs I left. When I left, "It" started to eat away at the crumbs. "It's" friend (it could of been enemy) came along and started to finish what I had left. Hungry little critters.

I forgot to announce that this week was my vacation from studying. On Sunday, that's when I start studying again for Calculus. I have to still look for a book to read for my History class, too! I'm so behind.


Thursday, November 16, 2000
This morning I had a cinamon roll, with some thick frosting for $.99. It was alright. The frosting was a little too thick and the whole thing was cold. I knew I should of stayed with the donut.

Blogger is getting slower around this time. I would of figured that it would of been fast in the morning, but it's the opposite. This computer lab stinks. Maybe something got caught in the air vents.


Wednesday, November 15, 2000
Ah! My archives are missing!!! Actually, it's hidden in the left, but most of it is missing. I dunno. I posted something on the troubleshooting board, I was amazed that I wasn't the only one. Hope they get it fixed.

For those that don't know me quite as much, I work as a waiter at a retirement home. Yesterday I got the rest of my raise. Now I make $6 (wow), and next year I'll get another raise because they are going to raise minium raise (yuppy ^_^!). Gilbert (sort of the supervisor in my work) gave me a Milky Way. I asked why he gave it to me and said I was a cool worker. Actually, it was for filling up some test, which I got 1 answer right. I got done fixing up salads and crap really fast. I had a little incident happen with Freddie ,another co-worker, he's the person putting all the food on the plates. Anyways, we have a little rivary between us. Yesterday, I accidentally left one of the cabinet doors open, when he was underneath getting something. When he came up, he hit his head on the bottom part of the door. Later he went out to pour water for the people. There was a little left in the pitcher and threw the water at me (there wasn't anyone around to see it). Got some on my apron and pants. It was on! I had to pass out butters and creamers and I threw a creamer at him. Then we had a little "Creamer War" (me, cleaning up the mess). Had a nice piece of Grilled Chicken breast for dinner. Then the nurses were cool enough to give me some Chinese food... yummy... fried rice.


Yummy... that Milky Way filled me up, though, I don't like the new taste to it. It was better way back then.

Yesterday I went to Subway and bought a 12" Italian BMT. It had olives, lettuce, bellpepper, tomatoes, and a little salt. It was pretty good. Also, they were having a special, 2 foot longs for the price of 1, I think. Though, you can choose from a certain category of sandwiches.

I did bad on my Psychology test. As for my Calculus test I did ok. It was a B, but I could of done better. Does anyone have experience with XML? If so, please talk to me. Post something on the Message Board. I'm going to read up on it during my Winter break.


Tuesday, November 14, 2000
There's a big difference between the start of school and now... I keep buying breakfast. It would either be a $1.19 Donut, $0.89 Banana muffin, or a freaking combo (toast, hash browns, and eggs w/ coffee or soda). When school started I would last with no breakfast. Now, I would be eating breakfast everyday. If I spent $1 on breakfast everyday, I would of spent a total of almost around $70-90 on breakfast. I also noticed something, I never eat breakfast at home. I would eat at school, or at work (It sure beats the stuff I got at home).

Finally, I get to update my blogs in school! Last week, I would either be studying or finishing up on my CS project. Today I get the results of my Psychology test. I don't even want to know. Hope I had Lady Luck on my side.


Monday, November 13, 2000
I haven't been able to update my Blogs over the weekend because of my History test. I was studying so hard... ok, that was because I was messing around. I didn't study Friday because I was watching TV. On Saturday, I was busy working on a new layout for my web page. At the night I started studying. On Sunday, I spent 2 hours playing Shenmue, messing around with the mini-games.

When I got to school I spent all my time studying for History (took a 10 min break for Calculus *also, my friend, Francis, told me how to correctly spell Calculus, THANKS!*). After studying for an hour, I started to walk around the campus. I wanted to relax my brain and exercise for awhile. I don't know how well I did on the History test. I think I did alright. As for my Calculus test, I think I got a B. I was done really early. It seemed easy. Didn't get back my comp. sci. test, yet. I'll probably get it next week.

Hell week is finally over. I'm so glad, but school is near it's end and I fear another Hell week in about 2-3 weeks from now. I stopped the "Topic of the Day". I don't think it's interesting. I hate it when people visit your page and they don't sign my g-book. People, please sign my book. People tell me that they've read my blogs, but at least take the time to sign my book. It sucks when you make a page and there's no one there to interact with you. oh well. If you thought the "Topic of the Day" was interesting email me @