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Friday, November 10, 2000
I didn't post anything yesterday because I was so busy studying for Calculas and Computer Sci. I didn't do so well in my Psychology test. I know I got the first ones right. I studied the first chapter for the test, then gave up and started on studying for Comp Sci. Since high school had no school today, my sister came with us to school. Ate breakfast, and she followed me most of the time. While she was using the computers in the library, I was studying for Calculas. Everything was easy and I knew what to do. I was totally prepared for the test! Went to my history class, my sister said it was an "ok" class. We were talking about the elections for the first 10 mins of class. She mentioned that in London, the headline news was that our Voting System is messed up (somewhere alone the lines like that.). After that was Calculas. My sister still followed me and was taking notes. Then we took a practice test. I was so glad that he moved the test to Monday. I forgot everything! I studied all day the day before, even while watching Smackdown! After that, went to Computer Sci class. I asked the teacher if my sister can stay(since we were having a test), but he said "no", and it seemed like he was joking. So I asked again and he responed with a little attitude. (*itch!) My sister found my brother and walked around. I did ok on the test. I know I messed up on one problem(^_^). Went to eat at Niban(somewhere in Clairemont Mesa). Ordered the Gyoza Lunch Special (Fried dumplings, salad, and miso soup *Yum*). On the way home I was teaching my sister how to do derivatives (Calculas).

Now I have to study for Calculas and History. Here's where I stand:
Calculas: 60%
History: 10%

Good thing I didn't vote twice. People would of gotten very mad. Though, our vote doesn't really count. It's the ones making the electoral vote. If they had a vote where they could get rid of the electoral votes, I would vote "yes". Why are they recounting the votes in Florida!? I mean, why don't the one's who are making the electoral vote make their votes!? People are getting AWOL over this election. I don't see why we care about the popular count for Florida! It's not going to make a difference. The only difference is with those people with the electoral votes. Now they have to do a hand count! Imagine counting those holes by hand. I would fall asleep at 100! Can someone please tell me what the popular vote is going to do?

Topic of the Day: Thank Heaven for Friday and...
Calculas. Can you imagine a world without this advance mathematics? Our technology wouldn't be the same without this powerful tool. Calculas is just a shortcut to derive difficult math problems. It may seem hard, but once you practice once in awhile.


Wednesday, November 08, 2000
Yesterday, I went to vote at a local church. I voted under "Mark B". I think they found the error and fixed it up (well, at least I don't have to register again and see how much they will screw up my name.) and I saw "Mck"! It was just underneath, too. So I told them that it was an error and they were confused. Always use your driver's license as identification. Everytime I show my military card, everyone gets confused. Anyways, they also have a chart of Duplicate names, Deceased, and Notes. They looked at me funny when I said "You can put 'Mck' under the Deceased."

I didn't think I would be caught up in this election. I spent 20 mins watching the news after I came home from work. Then I started to study and watch the votes come in online. It was a very close race!!! When I came home Bush was winning, then Gore, then Bush started to catch up.

I'm finish with my assignment, but it's over the due date and it still has a little error, which I bet the teacher will strictly punish me for. At least I got it done, now I can study for my tests! How ready am I?

Psychology: 5%
Calculas: 35%
Computer Science: 50%
History: 0%

Topic of the Day: Ah, Damn It!
For the first time, I looked at my Blog through Netscape. Boy, does it look crappy! Now I have to change the code and stuff so it'll look nice for both browsers! I wish Microsoft and Netscape would team up and make one browser!


Tuesday, November 07, 2000
WWF Comment:
I'm a big fan of WWF and a big fan of Degeneration-X. Last night on Raw is War, I was happy that DX fought against the Radicals. Even though, Triple H said it was only for one day, but he could be wrong. What really disappointed me, last night, was Triple H attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin. Triple H was cool as a "good guy"... but I guess he's better off as a heel.

If you're reading this message, I want you to do something. Make a list of the the biggest idiots in the world. Write it in a piece of paper, or keep a mental list. When you're done continue reading.

Topic of the Day: Did you know?
Did you know that the more you remember your dream, the less sleep you get? The fact is everyone dreams. It's just do they remember what their dream is about. So next time you ask some one if they dream, maybe you should rephrase your question to, "Do you remember your dreams?"

Done with your list? Now look through your list and see if you have this:

"The people who register your papers for voting"

I want to know who these people are! Here's the story: When I finally turned 18, I went to drop off a package through the post office. While waiting in long line, out of the corner of my eye I see this paper that suddenly caught my attention. It was the registration form to vote. I filled it up and mailed it. Well, when I get a reply back from them, it was addressed to "Mck". How funny, I thought my name was "Mark". To make matters worse they put a "h" instead of "b" on my last name! The only way I can figure out how they got "Mck" was by reading my signature. Though, who is stupid enough to look at the signature to read someone's name! How can "ar" turn to "c". I wrote it perfectly clear, too!

Then the 2000 elections come around...

Well, after getting lots of junk mail addressed to "Mck with a 'h' not 'b' on my last name" (If you're wondering how you're getting lots of junk mail, it could be because you registered to vote), I was so annoyed and said "You know what, I'll register online." That way those idiots won't mess up my name. I filled it up using WWF Vote, double, triple checked if the form was correct, printed it and sent it through mail (it was late to send it though e-mail). After a week or 2, I get a reply from them. It was addressed to "Mark" (YES!), last name was correct (I was so overwhelmed that these idiots got it right!), and between my first and last name was "BG". Hmm... I could of sworn my middle INITIAL was "B". Isn't an initial suppose to be one letter? Not two, or three, or one hundred and ninety nine!

What am I suppose to do now? Wait for the next election and register again and see how much they screw up my name? I figured something out... I can vote 2 times. I can vote under "Mck", or as "Mark BG". Though, I'm very busy today so I won't vote at all. Actually, I will vote, but only once. What's the point of voting twice, when your vote for the president can really mean nothing (*remember, they can only win through electoral votes). Though, if I vote once, then it'll screw up the "Percentage of people, who didn't vote". Not my fault. It's those People that registered my papers for voting!


Monday, November 06, 2000

Topic of the Day: How did they...
make the Toaster? I always wondered about that. Does it have a sensor to tell how hot the bread is? When it gets to that certain point, the bread just pops up, or is it all timed?


Here's the thing with my assignment. I didn't get it done, but with the help of some of my friends I have a better chance of making it work, thank you to all those that helped! Anyways... I got a better grade on my Calculas test, than I expected. That made my day better. It seems as if my teachers read my blogs. Now my history teacher decided to have a test next Monday. Ok, I note this day, the first day of Hell week. Just like football. Gotta continue and work on computer science assignment.

Sunday, November 05, 2000
YES... no... I made progress, but there's still errors in my program! Here's what the assignment is... Using Assembly Language for the M6800 Motorola Preprocessor, find the primes from 2 to n (max 1500), where n is the input of the user. Meaning, the user puts in a number and find the primes from 2 to that person's number. It found all of the primes, but who made 9 and 15 a prime... NO!!!! Anyways...

Topic of the Day: Don't you just hate....
Sundays. Why? Because it's the last day of your weekly vacation. Also, what good shows are there in Sundays? I don't watch TV no more, so I wouldn't know. It's also the last day to finish those assignments! Now this doesn't apply to those that don't go to school, or go to college and have a Monday off.


Well, I'm back from work and only to come back to a much more stressful assignment. Yup, only 5.5 hours left to finish my project. My progress... um... I think I got it to work somewhat. WORK DAMN IT! I'll post the results.

I can't believe I'm still up! I've made little progress with my stupid assignment. It's already past midnight and I have 24 hour... make that 23 hours to finish my stupid assignment. I also have to get up early to go to work. Sorry, if I'm tired! After this blog, I'll get some sleep. Now I'm getting hungry.