The deliverables for the Define Phase are:
Needs analysis (What is the need the site will fill?)
Will educate people interested in "modding" their computers.

Problem statement (What is the problem the site will solve?)
The lack of or expanding the knowledge for those wanting to make their cases looking different, or effective.

Audience (Who will visit the site?)
Those interested in modifying their computer case, looking for good places to shop for computer parts, or those that just wondered in.

Define tasks (What needs to be done to build the site? - You should use this to build this proposal also.)
Take pictures
Gather information
Confirm with sources
Produce code

Define responsibilities (Identify who will do each task.)
Take pictures (My sister)
Gather information (Me)
Confirm with sources (Me)
Produce code (Me)

The deliverables for the Design Phase are:
Identify objectives (What does the site need to accomplish? This is very detailed.)
Outline content (The objectives determine the content in the site. This is essentially the "copy" written out as the final version, which the developer just "pours" into the site.)
Flowchart navigation (Map out how the visitor will navigate the site.)

The deliverables for the Develop Phase are:
Produce and gather all elements (Produce and collect in your site's resource folder every element you need for your final site. An inventory list.)
Lay out Demo/Site (Bring it all together in Dreamweaver. Follow the thumbnails/storyboards done in the Design Phase. If you did every step up to this point, this should go quickly and smoothly. Print out browser screens/html tags for site.)

The deliverables for the Evaluate Phase are:
Test Plan (Plan as to how you will test your uploaded site cross-platform on different browsers.)
Changes/modifications (Repair, tinker and tweak.)