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This is only an slight introductory to CSS. It's not a full blown tutorial to making CSS in your web pages.

What is CSS? If you notice, the title above is not an image, but 3 plain text over another. Don't believe me? Highlight, copy then paste. You should get "CSS: Magic". But how can you have a text overlap another? Simple, using CSS, or Cascade Style Sheets. It's a way to edit content on your webpage. CSS can change the color of a font, change the size of a font, change the style of a border of a table, and the main feature, position content on your page anywhere you want!

Why use CSS? After using CSS, you can save production time by a small portion to a huge amount of time! There are options when you can create a CSS file seperately from the HTML file, or embed right into the HTML file. Creating a seperate file can save a huge amount of production! Also, notice in some web sites that the links has lost the underline. That's done by CSS! There are many possible things avalible with CSS.

The real magic! So you want to go to the extreme? After mastering CSS, take a couple of lessons in Javascript. Once you've got the basics, then you're ready for DHTML, Dynamic HTML. Without it, your web pages are Static (non-changing). Dynamic web pages have text, images, content flying all over the place, or images appear when the visitor clicks on a link.

Click the link to see DHTML in action! KNOCKOUT!