Just think of the following questions as "What would you do first?"
If I won $10, I would:
If I won $1,000, I would:
If I won $1,000,000, I would:
If I were to do a stunt for
$1,000,000, I would:


Run 20 miles
Do 500 sit-ups
Do 300 push-ups


Eat 10 gallons of chocolate ice cream
Drink a cockroach, cow blood, grilled chicken smoothie
Eat a 3 monkey heads


Go on live TV and announce your name, tell them that you did the following above, and you need help finding your nose (Kinda, lame, but it's funny).
Camp in front of a popular hangout promoting the word that "Elvis is still alive" and "Bigfoot really exists."
Go on 15 dates with the worse people you can think of

I would do the following for $100:

Dance around the street like an idiot

Hold a sign saying "I have bad diaria" for an hour (in the middle of Downtown)

Eat 25 earthworms

Tell 25 strangers that their fly is open, even though, it's not. 5 of them have to be big musclar men, 10 of them are cops. Kids don't count!!! Must have zippers, too.

Buy a $100 item, with all pennies.

None!!! Just for $100! I would rather work at a retirement home serving old people!

Everything above is true. Yes, it is!
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