Needs analysis - This site is to educate the viewer about recycling and what they can do to contribute.

Problem statement - The problem is recycling is not taken seriously. People need to be more educated about this subject and discipline themselves to contribute in some way.

Audience - All those that are interested in recycling and finding out what they can do to help. Hopefully get an audience that is willing to listen and help the community.

Define tasks - Gather stats and info on recycling. Design graphics, sketch layout, and take pictures.

Define responsibilities - Me (Gather info, design graphics, sketch layout, and take pictures espically of garbage truck)

Identify objectives - The main objective for this site is to educate visitors about recycling. It's to give enough info to motivate the user to do something about the problem. The site is to provide links to learn more about recycling and communities to help keep Mother Earth happy.

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Storyboards -

Test Plan - Try on the main two browsers (Netscape and IE). Try others such as Opera.

Changes/modifications - First layout didn't work too well, therefore changing the entire layout. Added new links on side and links on bottom. "The Horror" is now "The Problem". Modified the graphic of the tree with a "Save me" sign.